IP:Intel Debuts Intuitive, Economical Geolocation API Service

Streamlined user interface and clear, affordable pricing make geolocation and WHOIS lookup API an easy, sound business decision

IP:Intel today announced the debut of its new geolocation and WHOIS lookup API service. Available at https://ipintel.co, the service offers developers an intuitive and economical choice for this essential service. Built on a RESTful API that utilizes the JSON language, IP:Intel simplifies the sometimes challenging task of adding geolocation features to an application.

“Our goal is to make geolocation simple and affordable,” said a spokesperson for the company. “We have put a lot of effort into keeping things very intuitive, including clear billing rates and payment terms.”

The site offers users a single dashboard that contains a graphical API Usage meter and average response time for the API. The dashboard also shows billing information and all-time requests. API access is managed through the dashboard, with the ability to regenerate an API key with a single button. Documentation is accessible through the portal as well. The documentation page contains endpoint URLs, authentication and response codes. IP:Intel provides logs and IP Whitelisting.

Consumption of the IP:Intel API can be executed through a single vanilla GET request with an appended API key. Output is in JSON format. The IP Geolocation API accepts an IP address and returns geolocation and contextual data about the address’s location. The parameter is simply “ip_address.” The IP address WHOIS lookup end-point accepts an IP address as the argument and performs a live lookup.

IP:Intel offers unlimited usage. Pricing ranges from a free option for up to 250 API calls per month to less than $0.0005 per call, based on volume. The company has four pricing tiers. Monthly billing and payment are available.

For more information visit https://ipintel.co

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