InvisaBlend's CEO Dino Dondiego Discusses His Upcoming Book "STOP Additional Hair Loss"

In an exclusive interview with Founder's Courier, Dino Dondiego, the creator of InvisaBlend®, discusses the detrimental impacts of hair loss on a person's self-esteem and shares what his book entails to help people restore hair volume without any invasive treatment.

Dino Dondiego is a well-known inventor and founder of InvisaBlend®, a first-of-its-kind solution that makes a person's hair appear thick without any invasive treatment. Empathized with the need of people to feel secure in their appearance and elegance, he believes that having healthy and fuller hair is essential.

For this invention, he avidly studied remedies and chemicals that promised to prevent or reverse hair loss. Driven and focused on how they were beneficial to a certain level but were either transitory or resulted in additional hair loss, he opted to bring up a solution to eliminate all problems regarding hair fall. His sense of purpose is the fact that hair loss is a physical and emotional challenge that affects both men and women alike. By creating brilliance that comes from having beautiful, fuller hair, he is happy to present the world with this breakthrough technology.

In a recent interview with Founder's Courier, an iconic global media brand, Dino discussed his upcoming book, "Stop Additional Hair Loss." He explained that the goal of this book is to assist people in dealing with the stress that comes with hair loss. "When people are bound to experiment with various strategies to address their hair loss difficulties, they are constantly reminded of their thinning hair condition. I speak from personal experience. I have the Micro Strand® technology myself as I do not want to see myself without hair, that's not me," he stated.

To help people bring back their self-confidence with full and healthy hair, his book imparts a variety of tactics and ideas, as well as factual information on InvisaBlend's Micro Strand® technology. Dino claims that InvisaBlend® is a non-surgical hair stranding technique that adds hairs between a person's existing hair. The process not only ensures the quality and health of original hair but also stops extra hair fall. According to him, Micro Strand® are as fine in diameter as one human hair. To illustrate, he also shows videos demonstrating that when a single human hair is put alongside a Micro Strand® strand, no one can tell the difference. Additionally, because each human hair is threaded onto a single filament, the strands fully merge in between hairs.

"This Micro Strand® filament is 10X stronger than any human hair, but what makes it stand out is that it's translucent! That means upon contact with the skin or scalp, it disappears," said Dino. "The filaments have diamond openings of different size based on the degree of thickness or thinness per each area, creating a perfect balance of hair blended in-between your existing hair."

Dino is enthusiastic about this technology and is actively involved at every step of the way. For more information, please visit

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