Investments in Oil and Gas Offers a Free Guide for New and Experienced Investors

Investing in oil and gas benefits not only investors, but the country as a Whole reports

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the United States imported approximately 10.6 million barrels of petroleum every day in 2012, with this petroleum coming from 80 countries. Of these barrels, 40 percent came from OPEC countries and 20 percent were obtained from Persian Gulf countries, while 28 percent was received from Canada, America's closest ally. "Americans may wish to look into oil and gas investments as a way to diversify their investment portfolio as there are many benefits to going this route," Cheryl of Investments in Oil and Gas declares.

Unemployment continues to plague the country, and investment in oil and gas helps to combat this problem. It does so by not only creating jobs in the gas and oil industry, but by producing a ripple effect throughout America's economy, as seen in services, manufacturing, and retail. "Investing in gas and oil helps those who are underemployed as well as those who are unemployed. Although some experts claim the unemployment rate now stands at 7 percent, this figure doesn't take into account the 7.7 million underemployed Americans or the reduction in labor force participation, down to 63 percent from 65.7 percent in 2009. Expanded oil and gas exploration and production help to reduce unemployment and underemployment by creating more jobs throughout the economy," Cheryl continues.

Investors remain wary of both the stock and real estate markets, although the stock market continues to soar, breaking established records on a regular basis. "Experienced investors find, when they choose to invest in these resources, they can create short and long-term wealth while also positioning themselves to capitalize on peak oil prices. These investments typically react differently to global changes, such as weather conditions and international conflicts, which benefits those investors who choose to diversify in this manner. When other investments witness decreases, the oil and gas market may increase in value," Cheryl explains.

New investors may benefit from investing in oil and gas also, yet many wonder how to go about diversifying their portfolio while contributing to the stability and strength of the country. "When one asks how do you invest in oil and gas, many areas need to be addressed. New investors must understand the tax benefits of doing so, the risks of choosing this investment vehicle and more. Investments in Oil and Gas offers a free guide to those interested in branching out into this area, and this guide answers those questions most investors have. Visit today to request a free copy of the guide and decide if investing in oil and gas is the right choice," Cheryl states.

Investments in Oil and Gas assists those individuals looking for alternative investment strategies as they wish to grow and protect their wealth, hedge against inflation, contribute to the economy, significantly reduce their tax burden, diversify their portfolios or be a part of the innovative solution designed to restore the American economy while improving employment. Serious investors find investing in oil and gas allows them to be fully prepared for the impending energy crisis.

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