Investing in ONU– Everything You Need to Know

Based on the idea of unbounded data technology, ONU will integrate the major industrial data, to develop the digital economy flow by constructing a machine trust sharing network.

Ever since ONU (Orbital Network Union) entered the crypto market this year, it quickly gained the attention of many crypto enthusiasts and investors, growing dramatically in size. This coin leveraged this community support and its unique technical aspects to become a very popular cryptocurrency with great potential.

What is ONU?
ONU is a highly open and autonomous alliance chain jointly developed by multiple alliance communities around the world. Based on the idea of unbounded data technology, ONU will integrate the major industrial data, to develop the digital economy flow by constructing a machine trust sharing network. In order to solve the data access and privacy issues, ONU comes up to be the perfect solution. With ONU, any stakeholder in any industry could create a borderless digital economy alliance.

What makes ONU different?
With a module of TPS function, ONU can build different modules for different applications. The lowest traceability certificate is 3,000 TPS meanwhile 62,000 TPS in logistics tracking scenarios. And due to its efficient and borderless, exchange data can be handled in real-time. It can also accept multiple currencies or cryptocurrencies simultaneously.
While most of the other projects try to gain traction by introducing new technologies and features to the ecosystem. ONU relies more on a heavy emphasis on the security and privacy in people’s daily life, especially in the social entertainment industry, prescription medication as well as little private investment. And the three industries all have the problems of convenient payment, fair transaction, and personal information security. That’s why ONU choose to work with the three major areas-medical cannabis, social gaming and financial derivatives.
The three major areas that ONU entered and targeted investment have distinguished ONU itself. Not only because they are the world’s fastest-growing and most profitable industries, but also the outstanding solutions that ONU can offer. By offering payment, financing, and authentic right applications for those ecological industries with blockchain technology, monthly payment commissions and investment dividends will be distributed to users holding ONUs in equal proportions. And the converse is equally true: industrial chains can actually support the price increase of tokens. Thanks to the more transparent and fair system improved by blockchain technology,holders are looking to further increase of the token.

ONU Crowdfund
ONU is always one of the most vocal followings in the sector. Within one week of the project's launch on Sep. 12th, more than 50 million ONU token had been sold to roughly 2,000 investors from 100 countries. During the event, investors received ONU tokens in HyperEx exchange for their BTC or ETH. At the time of the sale, ONU tokens had a market value of just $0.15.

More impressively is the Space Force Pilot that they have announced recently. As a communication incentive system,according to the official, holders who cumulative purchase a total of 30,000 ONUs can be a space force pilot,and he/she can then receive 2% more of the amount of ONU purchased by indirect personnel while the ordinary holders can get only USDT 4% of the amount of ONU purchased by directly invited personnel. That means the more people one invited, the more he can earn. And once successfully invite more than 25 people to buy the same amount of ONUs, he will get 100% of the income.

Where to Buy ONU?
ONU has announced its session 3 selling and you can buy it with your credit card from HyperEx exchange ( With its excellent work over this period and its most promising projects,surly the price of each phase of ONU crowdfunding will gradually increase.
There is no doubt that ONU is one of the most exciting crypto investments out there. This is especially so for investors who are looking to enter the crypto economy by buying an undervalued cryptocurrency with massive potential.

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