Invest to Engage Leaders for Bigger ROI

Announcing new services to reduce one of business’s biggest obstacle to growth.

AON’s 2015 Trends in Global Employee Engagement, states, “companies that invest in engaging their leaders showed a 29% higher operating income.”  This follows, since numerous studies have also shown that employee engagement and retention, is closely linked to the quality of management.

Sirius Strategic Coach is known for measuring engagement and productivity in teams. It then recommends strategies to up-level performance.  Success is established by measureable outcomes.  

Sirius Strategic Coach has unveiled a new suite of services to better support organizations’ efforts to engage leaders.   The innovative programs include mastermind groups, training and coaching programs founded on Inclusive Leadership, and fortified by Motivation Maps TM. 

“Inclusive leadership is the natural choice for companies wanting to benefit from diversity within their organizations.  Simply put, Inclusive Leadership aim is to engage employees by meeting two basic human needs – uniqueness and connectedness,” says Akeela Davis, CEO of Sirius Strategic Coach and Motivation Map Solutions Inc. “The Motivational Maps TM is an effective tool for this management philosophy.  It support the goals of Inclusive Leadership.  It lets leaders understand the important motivations of the individual team members.   This allows leaders to respond to each member as unique individuals. The marriage of Inclusive Leadership and Motivation MapsTM forms a state-of-the-art system.   The objective is to create a powerful culture of engagement, productivity and profit.”

Inclusive leadership is now being recognized for its advantages, and gaining traction within innovative organizations.    Motivational Maps TM, while in use in 12 countries, is still relatively new to North America.  However those who have experienced it are excited about its fast, simple administration and the depth of its insights. ( )

Sirius Strategic Coach offers Leadership & Executive Development training and coaching.  It also delivers Employee Engagement Strategic Consultation.  Since 2014, it has be using Motivational Maps TM as a core component of its service.  Motivation Maps Solutions Inc. is an exclusive distributor of Motivational MapsTM.  In North America, it trains, certifies and licenses practitioners to use Motivational MapsTM.   Practitioners use it as part of their business as personal coaches, business coaches, change management consultants and employee engagement specialists within organizations. Started in 2013, Motivation Map Solutions Inc. grew by over 100% in 2014 and is poised to more than double that in 2015.

 For more information please contact Michael Davis.

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