Introducing Tila, an Effective Sleep and Meditation App for Stress-Free Living

Lack of sleep causes us to make bad decisions and take unnecessary risks. Getting a good night sleep helps keep us healthy.

Developed in Mexico by psychologists and specialists in meditation and mindfulness, Tila is an app which guides people to sleep better and improve their lifestyle. Made in Spanish, Tila has a library of sleeping sounds, such as, sounds of nature, binaries, and ASMR, a very popular technique in Europe in which a sensory experience is generated in the brain to relax the body and mind.

Tila is designed to improve sleep quality which improves the overall well-being and health. Users of Tila receive complete access to its vast library of soothing sounds along with the various guided meditations which one can easily practice. In addition to that, there are varieties of stories to select from. Some of them are narrated by the actor and comedian Edgar Vivar, known for his characters in El Chavo del 8. His voice adds a tranquilizing effect to the stories that helps one to sleep and relax.

“Undoubtedly, one of the most serious problems left by 2020 was the sense of uncertainty and fear. People of all ages developed trouble falling asleep and anxiety crises. That is why, in 2021 the Tila App arrives to address this situation. Tila wants to resolve these problems at a time when it is most needed”, said a spokesperson from Tila.

Good sleep means one doesn’t feel constantly tired and stressed. Sleeping well helps one to cope better with moments of anxiety. When there’s quality sleep then there’s positive change in one’s physical, emotional, and work performance, and also appearance. This is where Tila comes in, with its library of deep sound patterns.

Tila is the go-to app for people who want to sleep better and enrich their quality of life. With Tila, one is guaranteed to get stress-free and quality sleep. Developed with the objective of helping people to sleep better, Tila is now available on Google Play and the App Store.
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