Introducing Latam Coin ($LATAM), a Cryptocurrency Specially Created For Latin American Countries

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A financial technology company is charting a new course for the future of Latin America by introducing Latam Coin, a cryptocurrency and a foundation that caters to promote economic and social development in the region.

On June 9, 2021, El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. There are indications that other Latin American countries will soon do the same, especially those with struggling economies.

Latam Coin Protocol, a financial technology company, believes that with this trend, it's time to get serious and introduce a cryptocurrency specifically for the 26 Latin American countries, hence the announcement of Latam Coin.

Latam Coin provides a platform for the more than 600 million people living and working in Latin America to have a better future. The coin is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), making it safe, secured, and easy to use by businesses and individuals. It offers accessibility of technology, compatibility between chains, and users can quickly convert Latam to local currency to make payments for goods and services.

"Latin America is a region with unique growth potential, and our mission is to offer the opportunity for countries facing financial crises to have an alternative to their local currencies," said Kiarita, Founder of Latam Coin.

"The Latam will be the common cryptocurrency for Latin America and all participating countries will enjoy its benefits. Our vision for Latam Coin is that in the future, people can make normal transactions for goods or services using their Latams. So, it will be not only a financial investment instrument but also a normal currency that people can use daily."

Latam Currency offers so many benefits for users because of its rich features rooted in advanced technology. There is easy accessibility to the system, fair distribution of tokens, and transparency of payments. Users will also enjoy lower commissions and security of their wallets due to advanced safety protocols. To invest, users only have to create a Virtual Wallet with Binance and Metamask, buy BNB and go to PancakeSwape to connect wallet and exchange $BNB for $LATAM.

Latam Coin Protocol has also established the Latam Coin Foundation (LCF), a charity project for social and productive development in Latin American countries. The LCF will focus on four core areas of voluntary service to uplift and support low-income communities. It will help educate kids and teens, focusing on science, creativity, and technology subjects. Health and medical care will be provided for those who need it. The family security program helps people get the tools and resources they need for self-defence. Animal protection and rescue will help take care of animals, so they are ready for adoption.

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About Latam Coin Protocol

Latam Coin Protocol is a company with the vision of providing the means and tools to help people live a better and more fulfilling life. Their cryptocurrency project and charity program for Latin America is a core project that will secure the region's future for progress, growth, and development.

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Name: Sebastian Lopez Reyes
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Organization: Latam Coin Protocol

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Name: Sebastian Lopez Reyes
Email: Send Email
Organization: Latam Coin Protocol