Introducing ‘Hotel Millionaire’: A Mobile Game Built For Gamers to Aim at Becoming Millionaires

As the value of the hotel increases, so will the value of the hotel rooms.

Hotel Millionaire is an engaging app mobile game that has been launched to inspire and motivate gamers to become real-life millionaires by operating their very own chain of hotels. Available on iOS and Android, the game uses gametization in a casual and easy-to-play style, and also generates income. All one has to do is just grow and expand their hotel business in a gaming environment.

Last year, social media platforms like Google, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, etc., generated multi-billion dollars just in advertising revenue. An advertiser spends around USD$0.15 to USD$2.00 for each advertisement. While it is free to use all these social media platforms, the profit from advertising never comes to the user. But this new and unique Gametization concept allows the gamer to buy their hotel rooms and earn from advertising revenue. All one has to do is just grow and expand their hotel empire.

The game starts with a hotel room and then the gamer has to expand it to move forward in the game. There are daily missions that will earn rewards and increase the value of the hotel. The gamer must focus on expanding the hotel chain internationally to gain star ratings. As the value of the hotel increases, so will the value of the hotel rooms. A gamer must expand and grow the hotel chain to earn more revenue.

“Owning a hotel chain and becoming a millionaire is a fun and challenging experience in real life. The gametization of this experience is what led to the game Hotel Millionaire. It’s an immersive game with interesting daily challenges and tasks,” said a spokesperson

Hotel Millionaire is a fast paced app game with stunning graphics. The game involves completing daily tasks, upgrading facilities, offering sumptuous meals and maintaining sparkling clean rooms. A gamer can easily reinvest the earnings for more hotel rooms to expand the hotel empire and increase the revenue. One is encouraged to expand the hotel community by inviting friends and making new connections through the game. This way one gamer can assist another to earn more rewards.

The Gametization concept allows gamers to become real life millionaires while playing Hotel Millionaire. All one has to do is to grow their hotel empire to earn money in real life. To know more, check out the website of Hotel Millionaire.

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