INTERVUMI App Launched for Honing Job Candidates' Interviewing Skills

Helping people better prepare for interviews is the key to fostering their employment potential, publishes

According to recent statistics from the employment sector, each standard job opening attracts as many as 250 applicants. Only two percent of those are called in for an interview. Given those odds, authorities in the field note interview preparedness is as important as job qualifications. In response to this development, a company spokesperson has launched the INTERVUMI app, a tool designed to help job candidates strengthen their interviewing skills.

"Our INTERVUMI app serves as a powerful means of preparing for upcoming job interviews," said the company representative. "Users are able to simulate interviews using the app's pre-programmed questions. Afterward, they can rate their performance during those mock interviews via the built-in progress report. In addition to those options, we offer a wide range of features users can take advantage of to help them better prepare for their meetings with potential employers."

Based on information from the INTERVUMI Website, those interested may download the app and create personalized accounts using their email addresses. Practice interviews can be customized based on employment fields and job interests. Two interview styles are available: multiple-choice questions and voice-to-text. With the latter, users are able to record their answers as well as their tones and behavioral expressions. In multiple-choice mode, users select answers during a mock interview and are then shown employers' preferred answers for comparison.

Practice interview ratings generated by the app point out users' strengths and weaknesses to indicate fields where improvement may be needed. The INTERVUMI app also features a community chat room in which users may connect with industry professionals to further prepare for future interviews. Users are likewise able to add their academic accomplishments and prior work experience to the app. At present, the app is available for Apple iOS; however, the company plans to launch an Android version in the near future.

Concluded the company spokesperson, "The INTERVUMI app combines the best potential interview questions with tips and advice for improvement as well as a number of other helpful options. All these features are sure to have a positive impact on users' upcoming job interviews. We offer a number of different employment fields to choose from along with several ways to practice. We encourage those interested to download the INTERVUMI app today, so they can start honing their interviewing skills as soon as possible."


Created to help job candidates showcase their qualifications during interviews, the INTERVUMI app offers a broad range of features geared toward heightening interviewing skills and preparedness.

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