Internet Marketing Company Creates Huge Buzz Over Guaranteed SEO Services Offering

South Florida Internet Marketing Company embraces accountability and guarantees clients page one rankings.

Juicy Results, the Internet marketing agency for the Fortune Five Million, has launched a bold, new service called Guaranteed SEO. Juicy Results ( specializes in utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) to create results-generating, Internet marketing solutions designed specifically for growth-oriented small businesses. This new service offering guarantees that clients will receive numerous page one rankings for relevant keywords related to their business.

“We must have really struck a nerve with this offer, because the interest has exceeded our expectations,” noted Jeremy Pound, CEO of Juicy Results. “It is remarkable how many similar stories we hear from companies who have paid other SEO firms for over a year with no noticeable results. This is reflecting poorly on our industry, and I hope our Guaranteed SEO program reestablishes some faith in the small business marketer who yearns for page one rankings.”

Juicy Results’ Guaranteed SEO is an affordable program that will bring a company multiple page one rankings on a consistent basis. The team begins by working with clients to identify top keywords that their customers are already using to find their products and services. Next, Juicy’s content specialists begin to develop information-rich content that is guaranteed to yield page one rankings for the targeted keywords.

Patrick Hartoonian, an Internet Marketing Strategist at Juicy Results, points out, “There is a resurgence in the field of SEO due to Google’s recent Panda and Penguin updates, and the small business has a renewed opportunity to capture search engine traffic. We have designed this program to inspire trust in an often misunderstood field.”

Juicy Results has developed a process that utilizes a website optimization technique known as white-hat SEO. Unlike black-hat SEO, this process does not involve deception that could result in penalty or a banned website. White-hat SEO promotes long-term SEO results by ensuring that the high rankings will remain stable over an extended period of time.

Page one domination and staying power are key in today’s world of Internet marketing. According to a BIA/Kelsey study, about 97 percent of online consumers use the Internet to research products and services before buying. Of these users, 75 percent never scroll past the first page of search results. While creating relevant and rich content is essential to influencing purchasing decisions and company branding, a powerful SEO strategy is what ensures this content is reaching the company’s most relevant audience.

In response to these statistics, startups and established companies alike are moving away from traditional advertising in favor of inbound marketing strategies. Greg Loeber, CEO of Surgent Networks, shared his recent SEO program success by saying, “Like most young companies, we’ve tried a number of marketing efforts to capture market share. Frankly, none of these efforts have impressed me or worked as consistently as our SEO program with Juicy Results.”

Juicy Results’ Guaranteed SEO strategies make certain that their clients achieve page one, Google domination for keywords that will drive relevant, income-generated traffic to their company’s website. If this milestone is not reached by the sixth month of work, Juicy will provide those services for free until they do. Other benefits in the Guaranteed SEO program include premium software and reports, Panda and Penguin compliancy and no long-term contracts.

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