Internet Dental Marketing Company Announces Retargeting Services

Crawford and O’Brien is one of the few internet dental marketing companies that focuses on ROI and not “pocket-dipping”. Crawford and O’Brien just announced a new pricing model for dentists in regards to retargeting services. For people who don’t know what retargeting is, then this will be a valuable read.

Crawford and O'Brien is one of the highest level dental marketing companies in the industry, and they recently announced that they are doing retargeting and PPC advertising for dentists with a new model. Instead of charging a percentage of what is spent on retargeting, they just charge a monthly retainer to manage all the ads. Retargeting is when ads are shown to someone who has previously visited someone's website.

Most dentists ask themselves why they need to be familiar with the internet or how it can help their company. After all, the services that are provided all take place right in a chair in front of them. However, these closed minded thoughts are what is going to harm their practice and hamper their ability to truly increase a presence as a dentist in their respective city. Instead, through internet dental marketing, dentists have a completely new opportunity to get the word out about their company and get clients that they've never before imagined possible.

An Opportunity To Show Them

Whenever a patient leaves the dentists office, they have that fresh and clean feeling that lasts in their mouth until their next meal. However, if dentists have a hard time getting patients in their chair, then they can't reassure them of that feeling. That is why internet dental marketing is a strategic way of showing people who a dentist is, before they even meet them. Dentists can use their website to display videos, pictures, and other content of them working with clients. This will give viewers a more relaxed feeling, knowing that they can trust the dentist and that they'll find a welcoming environment at a dental office.

Local Optimization

When it comes to a dentist and the dental office across town, it is important that they do all that they can to assure that customers come to them instead of the competition. With internet dental marketing and local optimization, customers can find search results in their area to locate the best dentist to go to. Local optimization will help dentists increase the potential that they will be able to find their specific dental office, which means more customers for them. But if the dentist fails to be listed on the top of those local searches, then it can make it difficult for new customers to pick them out from any of the other names on the list. Dentists should keep in mind that the best way of internet dental marketing is to be easily accessible for new clients to find them, which can be done through local optimization. To learn more about SEO, visit

Social Media

Dentists who have signed up for a social media profile for their business of off to a great start. However, that isn't all that they should be doing to maximize their presence through social media networks. Using social media is a great form of internet dental marketing that can reach a variety of different prospective customers. Through social media they can inform clients about the company, meet prospective new clients, increase their online presence and much more. Social media isn't just a place for old college buddies to reconnect, but rather a marketplace to maximize internet dental marketing techniques. The internet should be maximized by all businesses that want to succeed. This is especially true in the case with internet dental marketing. Dentists should consider the tips here for maximizing efforts and assuring that they are using the internet to their advantage when it comes to getting new customers and clients. To learn more about dental internet marketing, click here.

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