Internet Criminals Are Becoming More Sophisticated Than Ever Before

Black Lotus Labs seeks to protect Internet users while warning them about the dangers.

10/18/19 – Cybercriminals, it would seem, are ever-evolving in sophistication, almost faster than technology can keep up. No one is immune to having their computer taken over, and companies big and small have succumbed to these attacks. Individuals too are also in danger and should take every measure to make sure their Internet connection is fully protected. Black Lotus Labs wants to warn individuals of the dangers of an unprotected Internet connection and the problems it can cause.

Criminals have been attacking computer systems since they were first introduced and placed online. While most people know their sensitive information is vulnerable while using free public Internet connections, they often fail to realize the dangers of their own home's connection.

While forcing viruses onto consumers' computers is completely illegal, this does not stop the criminals from carrying out their infamous acts. Cyber groups now boast of their acquisitions, bringing entire computer network systems down. Big networks like Microsoft and Playstation have been attacked mercilessly in the past.

Companies Threat Research Lab like Black Lotus uses Adaptive Network Solutions to stay one step ahead of the criminals. Culprits create invasive viruses and malware to bring down computer systems and gain access to sensitive information. Often, individuals are not aware of their virus until it is too late and their information has been stolen. Sometimes, the virus is so invasive, it ends up destroying the computer or corrupting the data of the electronic device.

Stopping or preventing cyber threats involves advanced technology and coding. Many people do not realize offenders can now attack at multi-points, putting computer network systems in greater danger. It is not enough to simply download an inexpensive virus monitor. Not only does the individual need to make sure they protect themselves, but they also need to ensure their Internet provider is taking careful steps to stop evil-doers in their tracks.

Experts suggest there is a new invasive incident every 39 seconds around the world. Approximately 300,000 new types of malware are created every day. It is clear this problem is growing. Companies that are not properly protected will end up being prime targets. Even the biggest banks in the world have been attacked by criminals, including Cosmos Bank in India.

Hackers now report firewalls and most virus protection is obsolete and cannot stop their efforts. Cybersecurity is a growing field around the world and these professionals work night and day to protect computer systems and keep the Internet safe for users. Black Lotus offers insight into the ways individuals can protect themselves and their private information so they do not find themselves victims of identity theft.

One of the most important things individuals can do is to use complex passwords and encryption to protect their personal data. They recommend individuals avoid using a Wi-Fi connection because this makes them more vulnerable to hacker attacks. When the proper precautions are taken, coupled with a responsive cybersecurity protocol, individuals can avoid experiencing cyber-attacks that can bring on a wealth of problems.

When choosing an Internet provider, it is important individuals check the cybersecurity efforts that are being taken. Researching the steps that are being taken to protect users will help to ensure they choose the right provider. As cyber attackers continue to grow in sophistication, cybersecurity professionals will be there every step of the way, attempting to stay one step ahead.

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