Internet Business Marketing Guide for Contractors PLUS Fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity

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This book will get you up to speed on the simplest and most effective online business building strategies for residential construction professionals PLUS raise funds for Habitat for Humanity.

The Construction Guild US Inc announces the publication of the book 'Internet and Social Media for Builders'.

This book is a blueprint for a successful online presence for residential builders, subcontractors, and construction pros. It is laser-focused on the essentials of an effective online strategy that is easy to understand and requires the least amount of time, energy and money to put into action. It cuts through the information overload of the Internet and provides a clear-eyed overview of what works.

The author, Michael Hartrich, is a general contractor with over thirty years experience in residential construction. Prior to 2009 he had never marketed himself, or his business - all of his work was the result of word of mouth referral. That suddenly changed in 2009 when ‘The Great Recession' hit home. All of a sudden his phone stopped ringing and work dried up. He looked into various online contractor marketing services for his business but none of them were a good fit for him. He wanted a truly local group that was based upon real local referrals of trusted professionals.

So, in September 2009, he established the Santa Cruz Construction Guild (SCCG) with the good builders and subcontractors from within his personal network. The SCCG has become a local success, comprising a quality mix of builders, subcontractors, suppliers, professionals, lumberyards and more. The SCCG has taken on a life of its own and has become an integral part of the local Santa Cruz construction scene and community.

As a hands-on builder Michael Hartrich understands that most builders do not have the time, patience or inclination to learn about websites, social media and online marketing. They deal with real tangible things; homes, remodels, foundations, roofs, cabinets, tile floors, electrical, plumbing, etc. Most builders get a headache thinking about online business marketing.

At the same time builders need to have a basic understanding of the Internet and know which online tools are appropriate for their business. This book provides that. This book is not theoretical. It has valuable, practical information based on the real experience of contractors learning about online marketing. It identifies the main social media platforms that work for construction professionals. It is written in simple straightforward language that is easy to read and to understand.

This book is published on Amazon Kindle. There are three main reasons for this:

1. Digital publishing is the way of the future. For many contractors this may be their first Kindle book. Everyone do not need a dedicated Kindle reader since Amazon provides Kindle reading apps for almost all computers and mobile devices. This is a simple step to get more comfortable with the online world and to experience the benefits of instant delivery and lower prices.

2. This digital book contains clickable links to many example web pages that illustrate how contractors are using the various social media platforms.

3. Publishing on Kindle provides a generous author commission. This allows the book to be a vehicle for fundraising. The Construction Guild US is a strong supporter of Habitat for Humanity. The Construction Guild Inc has pledged a $5 donation from each sale to Habitat for Humanity.

About the Construction Guild US Inc:
The Construction Guild US Inc is the parent company for the local Santa Cruz Construction Guild, an original pioneering model that connects trusted local construction pros with their community and each other.

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