International Translation Company Net Translators Implemented the EMaaS Managing System

International translation company Net-Translators has completed implementing the EMaaS target-based management solution, which will be used for managing strategic goals.

International translation company Net-Translators has completed implementing the EMaaS target-based management solution, which harnesses the drive of job holders in an organization to that organization’s short and long term goals. EMaaS serves as an organizational driver for achieving the company’s strategic goals, including its marketing and sales targets. The Israeli EMaaS system is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).

The EMaaS (Effective Management as a Service) platform is provided as Software as a Service. It serves to define and clarify Net-Translators' goals, from which the company’s continuous work plans are then derived. In this way the platform assists Net-Translators' directors in promoting the company's performance.

As part of the collaboration between Blat Lapidot, gold distributor of in Israel, and EMaaS, Net-Translators was offered the opportunity to implement the target-based management system in combination with SalesForce's sales management system, thus gaining two complementary managerial perspectives.

The EMaaS system interfaces with the SalesForce CRM system, which was implemented by Blat Lapidot for organizational applications. The SalesForce CRM system is used for managing the organization's customer relations in a highly detailed way, while the EMaaS system completes the overall managerial perspective by using key performance indexes managed by the organization in various fields. These include marketing and sales KPIs which are derived from the SalesForce system.

According to Gal Yashar, Net-Translators CEO, the company employs workers all over the world and its clients are spread around the globe. Therefore, there is a constant need for complex logistics and uncompromising quality control. "With EMaaS, the information related to the targets we set for ourselves gets 'pushed up the chain' to the company's management. The organization's managers know what the tasks and objectives are, and they direct their employees to meet those goals. This type of focus leads to enhanced performance in fields that are critical to the company – improving the quality of sales, the quality of service, the organization's operational excellence as well as its innovation. It lets us all see clearly what we are aiming for on the overall company level".

According to Iris Tsidon, joint CEO at EMaaS, "The EMaaS solution enables companies to manage their organization's goals from a 'Top Down' perspective, thus strengthening the company's balanced management. Working with this solution begins with a recommendation for the company's designated KPIs, and once they are approved work can begin immediately. In addition, there is complete transparency, which is empowering and motivating. Everyone in the organization with access to the system can see the overall picture and receive tools for understanding his or her own personal success metrics, as well as those of the entire company, and all at the same time".

About Net-Translators
Net-Translators is a leading provider of translation, localization, and multilingual testing services in more than 60 languages. For over a decade, Net-Translators has helped software developers, medical-device manufacturers, and hardware companies prepare their products and services for worldwide deployment. The company's service portfolio includes the language services needed to localize and test software, medical devices, and websites including localization of user interfaces, online help, technical and marketing materials, and more. Net-Translators’ one-of-a-kind Multilingual Testing Center offers professional testing staff and a dedicated localization testing environment for products of all kinds. Net-Translators is certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, and EN 15038:2006 and specializes in translation of materials for compliance to international regulations. Net-Translators has been ranked No. 1 in Translation Services by TopTenREVIEWS for three years in a row.

About EMaaS
Israeli startup company EMaaS has developed a solution for accelerating performance through target-based management. Its platform is designed to focus managers towards achieving their business goals. EMaaS was founded by two entrepreneurs, Iris Tsidon and Maya Gal. After having worked together for 10 years at Gilon BI and Ness Technologies, the two founded the company out of their own personal need to improve work efficiency in a dynamic business environment.

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