Integration of Restler on Cloudways Cloud Platform Makes Creating Robust RESTful Web APIs Easy

Developers can now create scalable, secure, high performance RESTful web APIs easily on the powerful Cloudways Cloud Platform by harnessing Restler’s simplicity

Cloudways, the most user-friendly Cloud Hosting Platform in the world, has introduced Restler by Luracast into its Applications Library. The easy-to-use Restler framework helps developers in creating RESTful APIs in no time.

Together with the ability to continuously monitor key performance metrics, Git integration, managed security, and managed offsite backups, the user has a reliable, robust platform for application development and deployment.

Due to its sheer simplicity, Restler is emerging as a favorable option for developing RESTful web APIs. While development on Restler is not complex, the same cannot be said for deployment. Hosting APIs can become a difficult task.

“Many Devs are good at their work, but most of them are not good system Ops. This is where Cloudways Cloud Platform comes in. It allows developers to build Restful APIs without the hassles of installation, configuration and server management. Cloudways also added API explorer, configured by default, so developers can easily and smartly expose API docs to its consumers,” said Aaqib Gadit, Co-founder of Cloudways.

Hosting an API can be very resource intensive. Many hosting providers struggle to deliver reliable API hosting. Cloudways has built an optimized Cloud Platform on reliable DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Service, and Google Compute Engine Cloud Infrastructure specifically for Restler, ensuring the smoothest and most hassle-free hosting experience for its customers. It only takes 5 minutes to spin Restler-installed cloud servers.

Moreover, developers can save time on tedious documentation. All Restler deployments on Cloudways automatically work with Swagger, a feature that auto-generates API documentation.

The Cloud Platform also comes with integrated SSH access for command line usage, built-in Cron Job management for scheduled task delivery, and real-time monitoring mechanism for up-to-date server performance information.

New Relic APM addon is also available on Cloudways Restler Hosting Platform. With this addon, developers can keep a close eye on the metrics related to the performance of their APIs.

Cloudways Cloud Platform provides customers the option to host on any of the 15 data centers spread around the world. This lets developers launch servers for app and web development closest to their preferred location. High-security features, such as Two-Factor Authentication for login credentials, ensure peace of mind. With knowledgeable and friendly support staff available throughout the year, server-level support is a prime focus of Cloudways.

Cloudways Cloud Hosting Platform offers a range of pricing plans to suit your hardware needs. The plans start for as low as $15 per month and may vary depending upon the server size and location.

About Cloudways
Cloudways is a European Cloud hosting service provider with a primary focus on customer convenience. By leveraging true Agile and DevOps spirit, the company aims to deliver a hassle-free deployment platform for swift web app development.

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