Intaker Announces February 2019 Product Launch

130 law firms have already signed up for legal-geared AI helping with client acquisitions.

Intaker is created by the team at Idemandu, the artificial intelligence (AI) startup that partnered with Google and Facebook to handle 20,000+ conversions with AI about people’s legal and service needs since 2017.

Most AI startups in the legal space are centered around research and contracts law, but Intaker is utilizing AI to help law firms grow and optimize client acquisitions. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Pooya Abka, said, “Our team first noticed the problem when they became neighbors with a law firm at a coworking space in Los Angeles. Neighbor attorneys hated doing free consultations, yet those screenings were an essential part of their daily business.”

This need meant that a staff member needed to be available, almost always, to talk to strangers without knowing the nature of the call before fielding it. Clients needing assistance in serious legal matters could not afford to wait for a call back; on the other side, attorneys were having to dedicate resources to something that wasn’t their core practice.

Pooya and Intaker’s co-founder and CTO, Erfan Dehghanfar, recruited a team of top lawyers and AI engineers to work together on finding a fast and effective solution to solve these problems. In Summer 2018, the product was announced, and 130 law firms signed up on the Intaker waitlist.

After the launch in February 2019, Intaker will offer the capabilities of taking care of engaging and screening attorneys’ potential clients. The platform can extract vital information and quality cases based on attorneys’ practices preferences, 24/7, and on autopilot.

Intaker’s AI will soon score legal matters in minutes, even seconds in some cases. If the case is a good fit for the attorney or one of the attorneys in the practice, the AI tool sends an instant notification to the attorney recommending immediate action. The entire process takes just minutes.

The tool covers 550+ practice areas, including personal injury, bankruptcy, and family, analyzing more than 16 million data points. It’s the world’s most powerful AI for client acquisitions, bringing its benefits to not only larger firms but also medium and smaller practices, even solos. Ultimately, the founders’ vision for Intaker is an AI assistant that can be helpful in all communications with clients. Then, attorneys can forget about the frustrating parts of the job and focus on what matters the most: building meaningful relationships, practicing law, and helping those in need of justice.

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