Inkology Releases A New Pain-Free Tattoo Removal Method

Promising a pain-free tattoo removal, Inkology Tattoo is a cream that, when used daily, breaks down pigment, restoring the skin to its past appearance. FDA-approved, clinically tested, and made of natural ingredients, it offers a new approach to tattoo removal.

Inkology Tattoo is a brand new tattoo removal cream, which offers a more pain-free method of tattoo removal over time, simply through the use of a daily cream. When this cream is applied on a daily basis, it causes the pigments to break up and disperse. The tattoo then fades away over time until it is entirely gone.

The tattoo removal cream is created entirely using natural ingredients, found through years of study at the Inkology Beauty Harley Street Tattoo Centre. Aside from being a pain-free method of tattoo removal, the cream has also been designed to be non-irritating and non-abrasive. It safely permeates the skin’s dermis layer to target the tattoo ink directly.

Clinical trials have shown the creams as being both effective at cursing tattoos to progressively fade away as well as to be low-risk to the user’s skin. The effectiveness of the new cream can be seen on the Inkology Tattoo website, where they provide real before and photos showing how several different users benefitted from using the cream. You can also take a look at the Medical References on the About Us page on the website, to see a range of medical studies around tattoo removal, demonstrating the effectiveness of the cream.

Applying the cream is as simple as applying any regular hand lotion. FDA-approved and highly tested, Inkology believes in the effectiveness of their new tattoo removal cream. As a result, they’re committed to full transparency and to ensure that customers get the experience they deserve from the cream. As such, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee to any users unsatisfied with the cream for any reason.

On the Inkology Tattoo website, customers can choose to buy the Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream in whatever supply that they like, whether it’s one bottle to serve as a 3 months supply or four bottles for a whole year’s supply. The company ships worldwide and offers a secure shopping process for all customers.

To learn more about Inkology Tattoo, their new tattoo removal cream, as well as the resources that they have that are looking into tattoo removal methods of all kinds on their blog, you can visit their website at

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