Inkology Brings Pain-Free Tattoo Removal To The US

As simple as applying daily hand cream, Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream is a UK-made product designed to break down pigment in the dermis without pain or irritation. This new cream is available to buy online for those looking to get rid of their tattoos.

Designed to offer a pain-free tattoo removal experience, Inkology is a new cream that breaks down the pigment that forms tattoos, causing it to disperse over time. Made of natural ingredients, it has been designed to be used as you would any other regular skin cream, aiming to keep the process convenient and simple for all users.

The natural ingredients used in Inkology tattoo removal cream have been chosen through years of testing. The Inkology Beauty Barley Street Tattoo Center worked with a range of ingredients until finding those that are not only effective at erasing tattoos but can also permeate the skin safely, without irritation or abrasion, to start breaking down the pigment of the tattoo ink.

Aside from undergoing a range of internal tests, Inkology Tattoo has also been tested by a range of medical professionals, as well as being FDA-approved. This means that aside from effective, it has also been deemed low risk enough to be released broadly onto the market. On the Inkology website, you can find a range of Medical References on the About Us Page that goes into various studies around tattoo removal.

Designed to be simple, Inkology requires no more than a daily appliance, like any regular hand lotion. To ensure that it’s effective and that its effectiveness is transparent for all to see, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If customers are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, they can get a refund. Customers can also see Before & After pictures to see for themselves how it has benefitted past users.

The Inkology Tattoo Website also acts as the online storefront of the new tattoo removal cream. Customers can choose to order as much of a supply as they think they will need, with each bottle offer up to 3 months of supply, and discounts for those who order in bulk. The site delivers directly to all in the US and across the world.

To learn more about Inkology Tattoo, their new tattoo removal cream, as well as the resources that they have that are looking into tattoo removal methods of all kinds on their blog, you can visit their website at

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