Infotech Management, Inc. Reports on Increased IT Spending in 2018

While much of this money will go to new hardware and software purchases, managed IT services continue to grow as companies realize how beneficial they are, announces


(San Diego, CA) While hardware and software purchases are expected to consume much of a company's information technology budget in 2018, more money will be spent on managed IT services this year than in the past, according to experts. Companies find having somewhere to turn when they are in need of support benefits their organization greatly, as it frees up the internal IT team, if one is present, for vital tasks and ensures all projects are completed in a timely manner. Infotech Management, Inc. offers a wide range of solutions along with service maintenance plans to ensure every business has what they need to grow and increase their market share.

"With our help, clients find they are able to obtain the best return on investment when it comes to their information technology. As a result, the workflow accelerates and the company is able to benefit from IT systems that are not only cost-effective but also more reliable. We partner with our clients to ensure they become more productive while avoiding expensive IT issues. As a result, the bottom line is enhanced," Zia Durrani, spokesperson for Infotech Management, Inc., reports.

When people think of managed IT services (, they often think of someone sitting behind a desk making certain a website does not go down. In the event it does, this person monitoring the site steps in to bring it back up quickly. However, an experienced IT support team does much more than this.

"While our team does monitor and maintain client websites, we handle many additional tasks. For example, clients looking to do an office rollout may worry about the time required to carry out this task. We take on the rollout process and work overnight and weekends to test-drive the systems and ensure everything is up and running properly in the shortest time possible. This is only one of the many ways we work to help our clients manage their information technology systems and there are numerous others," Durrani continues.

Certain clients prefer to have a service plan in place in the event something goes wrong and to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Infotech Management, Inc. offers a variety of plans ( designed to help clients oversee their critical business data while maintaining its confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Clients find they choose the plan that best meets their specific needs, and all plans are scalable to allow for business growth.

"With the help of these support and maintenance plans, companies of any size find they can budget for IT expenses and avoid unpleasant surprises. Contact us today for more information about our services and plans. We are happy to answer any questions you have and help you determine the level of service that will assist you in achieving your business goals," Durrani states.

About Infotech Management, Inc.:

Founded in 2007, Infotech Management, Inc provides clients with the highest level of network support and IT support services. By trusting Infotech Management with a client's IT, the firm enables the client to focus his or her energy on other critical aspects of the business, without worrying about the integrity of the technology systems.

The firm's client-centric approach offers flexible solutions for any business, simplifying the complexities of IT systems support and facilitating the client's ability to manage the cost and scheduling of his or her IT services.

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