Informational Website Launched By Focused Nutrients

Focused Nutrients offers the latest and most accurate information about the nutrients that each individual needs in order to be healthy and full of energy. A discussion of the types of nutrient options is given in easy-to-understand language.

Focused Nutrients and James Franks, CEO are pleased to announce the launch of a new website which discusses how to help people find the right way to obtain nutrients in order to become healthy and have a beneficial diet. The need for a wide range of vitamins and minerals is well known to nutritionists and scientific researchers. Obtaining the necessary healthy components to the diet may be difficult for several reasons. Over-processed foods may have eliminated some of the necessary micro- and macro-nutrients from foods.

Whole grains contain a wide variety of nutrients that are needed to assist in many bodily digestive, immune and other functions. Yet, refined flour removes some of the most valuable nutrients. The lack of the nutrients affects health and energy. In addition to missing elements in processed foods, a typical diet tends to be highly slanted toward fast foods, high caloric options, and empty calories. Genetically modified foods have further caused the typical diet today to deteriorate.

According to CEO, James Franks, “My interest in bodybuilding and weight management has affected the type of foods which I consume. Many limited diets manage to foster a lack of key nutrients which can affect energy levels and overall health. Careful attention to food choices may not be enough to assist dieters in obtaining all the necessary nutrients.”

Assistance with learning how the body assimilates and uses natural food it an important first step toward improved health. In addition to the generalization of nutrients, each individual has a slightly different chemical make-up, which may require a greater emphasis on certain foods or ingredients.

The information available on the new website offers tips and suggestions about categories of nutrients and their purpose. As new information is learned through advanced scientific studies, additional details will be posted to the website.

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