Industry Leader Launches Promotional Campaign For Trenchless Sewer Repair

Sewer repair company embarks on mission to increase awareness of less costly options.

Consumer spending reports list sewer line malfunctions among the most common, as well as the most expensive, repairs homeowners face. An estimated 4 million homeowners will experience blocked, collapsed or ruptured sewer lines each year. Typical homeowner's insurance policies fall short in this area, setting the American public back an average of $14 billion annually on the excavation, sewer pipe replacement and backfill portion of the process alone.

With the majority of these issues arising unexpectedly, consumer advocate groups warn many plumbing companies see dollar signs in the urgency of clients' needs. Using the traditional method of sewer line repair, they are able to profit while causing unnecessary damage to properties; in contrast, a spokesperson for US Sewer and Drain, Inc. states the company has embarked on a mission to inform the public of a seldom mentioned alternative to the destructive techniques of yesterday, beginning with their promotional campaign for trenchless sewer line repair.

The representative explained, "A couple of options are available for repairing sewer lines without the major destruction resulting from conventional methods. With pipe lining, a hole is dug to provide access to the damaged pipe followed by insertion of a resin-covered tube. Upon reaching the compromised area, the tube is inflated, left in place while the resin hardens to create a reinforcement, and then removed. Alternately, using our pipe bursting equipment, a new pipe is sent through a damaged one, bursting the old one to make way for its replacement."

The previously mentioned excavation process costs an average of $3,500 per repair. Homeowners are then left to foot the bill for restoring landscaping and hardscape features. Expenses only increase from there if the homeowner's garage or other portions of the home must be uprooted during excavation and pipe replacement. Using the trenchless approach, clients can save an estimated 20 percent or more on repairs as well as bypassing the need to revamp their lawn.

Experts from note in some cases, residential issues stem from defects in the public sewer system. Extreme temperatures, heavy traffic or exposure to caustic chemicals compromise larger branches of the system as well as the access tunnels used for repairing them. In such situations, a plan for eliminating the source of the damage must be implemented. Technicians from are often called upon to provide manhole rehabilitation services, restoring structural integrity to the system.

Residential repairs are then set in motion, most often at the expense of the organization responsible.
The company spokesperson concluded, "Whether performing large scale industrial repairs or resolving smaller residential line blockages, our goal is to offer a permanent solution at the most reasonable price possible. We are proud to offer our clients an alternative to the more expensive and destructive methods most people are accustomed to. We also want to mention many emergency repairs can be avoided with routine sewer line inspections and cleaning when needed, and we offer those services as well."

Offering a full array of sewer repair and maintenance services, focuses on providing fast, affordable solutions for their clients.

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