Industrial Polymers Corporation Re-Introduces Versatile TrueCast Molding Product

Providing superior solutions for clients, tackles the molding industry by offering a new, versatile product, TrueCast

Industrial Polymers Corporation is proud to announce they are now tackling the molding industry by re-introducing a versatile product: TrueCast. Designed to provide versatility, some of the most common use and applications of this new product include cast concrete, plastic and plaster parts, for rubber parts (seals, bumpers, and wheels), to reproduce architectural stone, and more.

“Our TrueCast products are offered in a wide array of harnesses, ranging from extremely soft allowing for high elongation to abrasion resistant rubber to ensure the product can suit virtually any molding need,” stated Industrial Polymers Corporation spokesperson Labita Boddie. “While our company has worked with industrial grade polymers for years, our new Molding and Casting Materials" href="">Casting Materials are set to offer clients a more versatile and flexible product to handle more projects than ever before.”

The TrueCast Molding Materials has a wide range of uses, from the creation of impact absorbing parts and pads, sandcasting molds for Foundries, theater and stage props (Cosplay) and the reproduction of fine art sculptures. Compared to other Casting Materials available today, which typically have a specific, finite purpose, TrueCast is a true “one-stop-shop” solution for any and all molding or casting project.

“Currently we offer 11 TrueCast product options, each offering different capabilities, and benefits,” continued Boddie. “Some of the specific benefits offered by these products include access to flexible molds, high elongation, mechanical durability, molding concrete, molding plastic, flexible coating, and electrical encapsulation. To determine which option is right for a particular need or product, clients are encouraged to reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly staff who can discuss the needs of the project in detail.”

Additional information about the new TrueCast product offered by Industrial Polymers Corporation is available for those who take the time to visit the company’s website or by reaching out to the friendly and helpful staff by calling on the phone or emailing.


Industrial Polymers combines the capabilities of science and technology with a passion for innovating new products. This company employes an onsite polymers chemist and experienced technical staff, which means they have the ability to tap into new markets and opportunities through cooperative product development with customers. For over 30 years, this company has practiced the art of invention creating 100's of products for industrial, commercial, municipal, and military needs.

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