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The use of AI is common in companies that work with healthcare, sports, robotics and automation.

The development of artificial intelligence products and solutions leads to business innovation. It offers relevant and precise results to the clients. Several firms offer customized AI software and tailor-made big data solutions to match the requirements of the business.

InData Labs is one of them. It is a reputed company that helps in the implementation of artificial intelligence software for any business. The company was established in 2014 by an expert in the video gaming industry named Marat Karpeko.

His vast experience in big data analytics helped the company grow and achieve success. In 2019, Antonina Binetskaya became the CEO of the company. Under her supervision, the company experienced vast expansion and reached new heights of success.

InData Labs is a major AI-driven company that builds high-end custom software. They keep the track of evolving technologies and develop proprietary tools and models to deliver exceptional benefits to the clients. Their state-of-the-art customized products help companies stand out from the competitors.

The company has over five years of applied experience in data science, AI development and consulting. It has worked on 40+ global projects with major clients from the UK, USA, Singapore, and Europe.

Today, the company has 50+ qualified employees – data scientists, architects, data analysts, engineers, consultants, and designers. They have master's degrees in System Analytics, Applied Math, and Computer Science.

Core competencies of the company:

● Monitored and unmonitored learning, time-based and effectual neural networks, fine-tuning, metric learning, representation learning

● Recurrent and convolutional neural networks, siamese networks, multiplicative adversarial networks, and in-depth bayesian neural networks.

Services the company offers:
Face Detection, Recognition and Tracking
The company empowers the businesses using influential Face Recognition SDK. It helps in quick and precise face detection, recognition and tracking in real-time. Using the product, customers can strengthen their security through face ID access control or improve customer service by identifying VIPs and greeting them by the name.

The company helps integrate and customize AI with respect to the specific requirement of the business.

Pose Estimation
InData Labs has a good repute in delivering precise and robust human activity recognition and pose estimation. They create custom 2D and 3D pose estimation models that can analyze both single person and multiple person movements. The technology has great value for sports and fitness mobile apps. Being integrated into a mobile app, it provides real-time pose detection and tracking. It makes workouts easier and less injury-prone.

Additionally, pose estimation has the potential for physical therapy and rehabilitation centers. Using pose estimation-based solutions, healthcare professionals can make exercising personalized and injury-free. As a result, it speeds up the recovery and wins the customer’s loyalty to healthcare institutions.

Text Analysis
InData Labs has developed an NLP API that assists clients in the analysis of text data obtained from social media. It helps companies gain important insights related to the audience. The API helps the business know its audience better by identifying their sentiments, age, interests, gender and more.

Predictive Analytics
The company has also developed an Influencer Marketing API that helps clients obtain valuable insights related to the audience, fraud identification, influencer performance, analysis of sentiments of the audience, etc.

The AI-driven Influencer Marketing Platform proves to be an efficient tool to perform incredible influencer search, supervision of campaigns, and analysis of competitors.

InData Labs is an analytics consulting firm that offers data science and AI-powered custom software and technology-based solutions. It helps firms who wish to leverage machine learning and data algorithms, and augment customer insights into the business.

The company focuses on AI software development, machine learning, intelligent automation, and computer vision. This is done with the help of proprietary technologies, extraordinary customer care, continuous investment in skilled growth, and their research and development center.

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Name: Anastacia Zharovskikh
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Name: Anastacia Zharovskikh
Email: Send Email
Organization: InData Labs