Increase Rankings on Google with Three Quick Tasks

Lodestone Consulting Services teaches three simple but important tasks to improve your search engine results page ranking.

Companies are always asking how they can rank better in the search engines. There are two types of search engine optimization: on site and off site. There are three simple and effective onsite tasks a small business can do consistently to quickly improve their page ranking.

First, only index good, unique content. If it’s not good, then delete or set the page setting to “no index.” This tells the search engines not to scan it and add it into their databases. The reason why a business shouldn’t want to index thin content is that it tells Google that it’s not a worthwhile site. A thin page is one that has less than 300 words on it. A business owner could make the mistake of posting a very useful infographic or video. However, if the page has less than 300 words, the business will want to “no index” it. If the page have over 300 words detailing what was in the infographic or the video, then leave it as indexed. A business could post the video transcript, and Google would consider that useful content. A business should regularly run the “” search command in a web browser to see what the search engines really index on their domain.

Secondly, a business owner needs to understand that load times do matter. It’s worthwhile to invest money in a faster web hosting package as well as hiring an expert to optimize the content. There are tools such as GTMetrix to test load times. These tools are not perfect, and should be considered estimates. Google is focusing on providing a positive experience to their users. If the user gets frustrated and leaves the web page, Google will note that bounce rate, and lower a site’s ranking.

Finally, a business owner needs to ensure that their page title and meta description are well written and compelling. If a user is searching and sees a garbage title and description that looks like it was just a jumble of keywords, they will not click on that link.

These tips may seem simple, and they are. They are also extremely effective in increasing a website in the search engine results pages. For more information, please contact Lodestone Consulting Services.

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