Incorporation Attorney Launches Campaign For Awareness Of Services For Small Business

Incorporation Attorney launches campaign to raise awareness of services for small businesses In Southern California.

Statistics indicate small business, those having fewer than 500 employees, account for approximately half of the private employment opportunities in the United States and are responsible for about 45 percent of the nation's non-governmental payroll. Businesses of this nature typically do not need full time legal assistance; however, they are faced with the same legal risks as large corporations. In an effort to assist those falling into this category, Incorporation Attorney has launched a campaign to increase awareness of their services for small business owners.

Andrew Gale of Incorporation Attorney explained, "As corporate attorneys, it is our responsibility to represent the business in any legal matters, but it is our privilege to become the business owner's trusted advisers. Initially, the owners of small businesses are confused regarding the corporation attorney's role in a business of their size. In the case of larger corporations, there are three main divisions of administration; they have the owners who are the corporate shareholders, the managers who are known as the board of directors and the officers including the president, secretary and treasurer. For most small business corporations, these positions are all held by the same person or people.

Continued Gale, "We do all of the initial work for the corporation such as filing the articles of incorporation, drafting the minutes of the sole incorporator, drafting minutes for the first meeting of the board of directors and shareholders, preparing stock certificates and drafting a share ledger. We also deal with governmental entities on behalf of our clients, acting as the initial contact with the Internal Revenue Service. We apply for a federal employer identification number for the company, which is vital to the corporation's ability to open a bank account as well as its ability to account for income earned on the state and federal levels. Though they may not constantly need our legal services, we are there to provide assistance for them when the need does arise."

Said Gale, "A prime example would be Dogma Pet Portraits and Emotion Portrait Studios. Based in Costa Mesa, they are both fun and uncommon businesses owned by David and Sylvaine Capron. The services they provide are unique, but their need for legal services as small business owners is not atypical. They have no need for a full time business attorney, but they needed the services we provide for businesses like their's in the beginning. They may need us in the future to help them handle unexpected situations. At the time of our first meeting with the Caprons in our Orange County office, they explained to us their desire to build a business that would allow them and their family to live the type of life they dreamed of. We worked closely with their certified public accountant and other business professionals to build a solid foundation for their business and allow them to reach their goals. For them, and other businesses, we offer services customized to their individual needs."

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