Launches Generous New Herbal Incense Affiliate Program

With rewarding 5% commissions on every sale, easy, accessible new affiliate option is already a great success, reports, a leading online retailer of herbal incense, launched a generous new affiliate program. Open to all who wish to participate, the new program will deliver commissions of 5% on any sale made through an affiliate link to or a specific product on the site. The new program will therefore be an easy, excellent way for bloggers, website operators, and social network participants to earn extra money while spreading the word about's industry-leading selection of herbal incense.

"After so many requests from our loyal customers, we're happy to introduce our brand new affiliate program," representative John Baker said, "We've made it incredibly easy to get started, and we think that our new affiliates are really going to enjoy the generous commissions they will earn. With our terrific selection of herbal incense expanding almost every day, we have something for everyone, and our affiliate members are already benefiting."

Since at least the height of ancient Egyptian civilization four thousand or more years ago, people have made regular use of aromatic incense for a variety of purposes. The burning of incense has been a fundamental rite for thousands of years in a wide range of the world's religious traditions, for example, from those of ancient China and India to the modern Eastern Orthodox church and other Christian denominations.

Whether for specifically religious purposes or entirely secular ones, incense use is probably even more common today than at any time in the past. Used to a wide range of choice in the market, though, modern consumers tend to be far more selective in their incense buying habits than was the norm in the past.

Among the most environmentally aware and health-conscious incense buyers, for example, dissatisfaction with the low-quality offerings that used to be so common has been rising steadily. Instead, these consumers increasingly seek out all-natural, herbal incense products that burn more cleanly and are much safer for those who use them.

Since the site's launch, has become a top source of herbal incense for the most demanding and avid incense buyers. With an unmatched, constantly expanding selection of products, the company consistently offers the best prices on the most popular herbal incense formulations, too.

That commitment includes a special wholesale savings program for customers who buy five or more products at a time, with those who place even larger orders being eligible to save as much as 50% compared to the company's low regular prices. Between this unbeatable value and the company's impressive product selection and customer service, the new affiliate program represents a valuable opportunity for anybody who is interested in herbal incense.

With the industry's best selection of herbal incense at the lowest prices to be found anywhere, provides fast, secure shipping and rock-solid customer service.

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