In Radio Interview, Desiree Stafford Shows Female Entrepreneurs How to Gain Clarity

Desiree Stafford shows female entrepreneurs how to grow sustainable and profitable businesses on Influencers Radio. She helps women turn their passions and expertise into a business that fully represents who and what they are all about.

Desiree Stafford, a champion for women entrepreneurs, bestselling author of Clarity, Confidence, Clients: How Women Entrepreneurs Can Make a Difference, Work Less, and Make Amazing Money, speaker, and creator of the Abundant Cash Flow Method™ and Queen of Attraction Marketing System™, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show with Jack Mize. She wants women business owners to know that it is possible to increase their income and success without giving up their freedom.

Stafford said that women entrepreneurs sometimes have unique struggles in trying to realize the big dreams they have for their lives and their businesses. Her first piece of advice for new clients is to obtain clarity on exactly what they want to accomplish. “Once you know what that vision is, we can design a business model that matches so the entrepreneur can make money without feeling like she is just spinning her wheels.”

The next step in her process is to help clients build the confidence they need to succeed, especially when it comes to money matters and putting a fair value on their services. Many women are still uncomfortable with the prospect of dealing with money, and undervalue their services in order to gain clients.

With these factors in line, clients can then focus on the marketing strategies needed to attract clients. Stafford said that while Facebook and other social media platforms are wonderful, it is still necessary to participate in networking activities in order to meet people face-to-face, test out messages, create connections, and obtain feedback. “I see a lot of women who are skipping steps,” she commented. “If you’re someone who is still struggling to get traction, you want to make sure that you’re out there meeting people one-on-one, creating a high level of contact and interaction.”

Stafford also disclosed that many clients don’t believe they can play a bigger game, or move to the next level. She said that women entrepreneurs need to build a strong support system because they often feel vulnerable when moving outside their comfort zone. Since it can sometimes be difficult for those closest to the entrepreneur to understand exactly what she is going through or what she is trying to achieve, Stafford will often suggest that they find a coach or mentor who can provide unfiltered help.

In addition to the advice provided in her book, Desiree Stafford offers a weekly podcast, “The Stafford Brain Trust,” to provide female entrepreneurs with insider secrets on marketing strategy, mindset, and money-making. She interviews top-level business people to get their stories about what they overcame in order to achieve success. Her website offers free content to help female entrepreneurs redesign their business to take it to the next level.

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