In New Feature, Best Beds Boutique Picks The Top Brands And Mattresses For 2016

Building on popularity of company's famous mattress buying guide, new report will open many eyes and provide a wealth of useful tips and perspectives, Best Beds Boutique notes

Best Beds Boutique, a leading source for mattresses, bedding, and more since 1987, released a new guide to the best mattresses of 2016. Available now at the company's website, the new report singles out the best memory foam, innerspring, and latex mattresses currently on the market. Website visitors will also find a number of other helpful resources, such as an innerspring mattress showdown, a guide to the state of the art in mattress technology, the company's famous mattress buying guide, and other useful info from Best Beds Boutique.

"We've kept a close eye on the mattress market for nearly thirty years, so we can say with confidence that today's buyers have some truly amazing choices before them," Best Beds Boutique representative Chris Faraday said, "With so many interesting options to look into, though, buying a mattress in the modern environment can seem like a lot of hard work, too. We've always tried to make things easier for our fans, and we think our new feature covering the best mattresses of 2016 is going to be valuable to many. We've picked out the top brands and models for memory foam, innerspring, and latex mattresses today, and packed in plenty of useful background information, as well."

With mattresses today costing anywhere from a few hundred to many thousands of dollars, buying a new one can rightly seem like an significant event. Given that the average buyer will spend around seven years' worth of nights sleeping on a new mattress, even a slightly poor fit or minor problem can turn out to be costly as time goes on.

Best Beds Boutique makes the important work of choosing a new mattress easy and rewarding. As one of Lafayette's leading mattress retailers for many years, the company built up a wealth of institutional knowledge and experience that it now leverages for the benefit of visitors to its website.

With resources like the popular, well-known Best Beds Boutique mattress buying guide, site visitors can quickly come up to speed with everything they might need to know. From explaining the ins and outs of particular mattress construction styles to detailing the top choices in different mattress categories, Best Beds Boutique has become a much-appreciated online destination for a great many shoppers.

Visitors to the Best Beds Boutique will now find even more of value there, thanks to the release of the company's new feature covering the best mattresses of 2016. Readers looking to dive in deep will enjoy perusing the most comprehensive resource of its kind to be found online, while those seeking a summary can easily jump straight to the results. The new Best Beds Boutique feature is online now and, like the rest of the company's premium guides, available to visitors free of charge and without the need to register.

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