In New Campaign, Spring and Sprout Details Appealing Option for Dental Practices

Joining network allows practice owners to monetize their hard work, gain access to full range of support services, and continue providing dental care as they wish, Spring and Sprout reports.

Even dentists who spend decades building thriving practices sometimes face disappointment when it comes time to sell. With dental school class sizes shrinking and many recent graduates preferring the work-life balance that comes with a conventional paycheck, demand for dental practices is dropping. 70% of all dental associate-to-buyout arrangements fail before the handover, making insecurity the rule for many dentists who are looking to transition to another phase of life.

With a new public awareness campaign, Spring and Sprout Support Services is helping more dentists learn about another, more reliable option that can allow them to monetize their hard work while focusing on the patient care they love. As an innovative Dental Support Organization, Spring and Sprout Support Services helps dentist partners establish secure financial futures while continuing to work with their patients for as long as they would like, but without the hassles and distractions of running a business.

"Selling Your Dental Practice is becoming more and more difficult, but our partners have found a better way to move on," said Spring and Sprout Clinical Director Gerry Samson, DDS, "The traditional associate-to-buyout model is crumbling, with young dentists becoming scarcer and carrying far too much debt well into their careers. Even given these facts, though, established dentists have a truly appealing option before them as they seek to transition away from practices that they built through so much hard work. By partnering with Spring and Sprout, our partners monetize their practices at set, secure terms and can continue working with their patients without the need to deal with day-to-day business concerns. Our new public awareness campaign is really opening some eyes as to what a difference we can make for dentists and patients alike."

American higher education costs of all kinds have been rising at rapid rates for many years, and dental schools have often led the way. The average dental school graduate today exits with around $200,000 in debt, a burden that can make it difficult to even contemplate taking on an independent practice, particularly in light of tightened lending requirements and the ongoing costs of keeping up with dental technology.

As a result of these facts and a desire for greater work-life balance, many younger dentists prefer to work for larger dental organizations instead of striving to build or acquire their own practices. For established dentists who have spent years or decade building independent practices, this modern development has upended some longtime norms. The arrangements through which younger dental associates would work for and eventually buy the practice of a more experienced dentist have become far less reliable than in the past, with an estimated 70% of these now failing somewhere along the way.

Spring and Sprout Support Services offers another option that replaces and improves on this traditional arrangement. Dentists who partner with Spring and Sprout receive guaranteed, generous payouts for their practices, while also being able to continue working with patients for as long as they want. With Spring and Sprout handling everything from HR and recruiting to marketing, IT, and accounting on a personalized basis, dentists who are looking for a way to segue into another phase of life can secure their financial futures while focusing on the work they love to whatever degree they wish.

With the company's new public awareness campaign now ongoing, those who are interested in learning more can do so at Site visitors may also use the contact information found there to send questions to Spring and Sprout representatives or submit inquiries about joining the network.

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