In Booming 2022 Market, Darryl West’s Brokerage Shows How Homeowners Can Achieve Upsizing Goals

This California real estate broker is offering a unique opportunity that gives people in South Bay the chance to not only upsize to their dream home but also get support for years to come.

Powerhouse Real Estate, based in the Los Angeles area, is swiftly making a name for itself by providing homeowners with a one-of-a-kind blend of the professional and personal as they search for new properties. The company’s three-person team goes beyond traditional real estate brokerage services to provide in-depth consultations with homeowners, first-rate searches for their ideal next properties that other brokers can’t find, and ongoing post-case assistance including annual check-ins and advice on potential home improvements.

The brokers start the process by visiting homeowners at their current property and not just asking questions about their future housing needs but also learning crucial insight by quizzing all family members about their lives and what’s not working at the existing home. It’s this novel extra information that helps the brokerage better identify someone’s true dream house.

Upsizing isn’t just for the rich with money to spare, and Powerhouse Real Estate understands it. The brokerage focuses on why customers need a bigger home, seeking as many details as it does to find an ideal property that works for whatever budget they might have.

Company President Darryl West uses his almost two decades of professional real estate experience to capably guide homeowners through the often complicated process of creating equity for buying a house and securing the all-important pre-approval for a home loan.

He and his team members can provide clients with between five to eight dream properties for upsizing, taking into account every possible need that they might have. Often, homeowners are surprised to see houses they would never have thought to consider.

And the many highly satisfied clients that Powerhouse Real Estate has helped continue to benefit from the firm’s support even after they move into their goal property. “Based on the plan we created in step one, we will have a yearly review over the phone or at the client’s home. This will help them stay on top of the market and make sure that your home is still meeting your family's needs,” says West. “It’s important that people know they have support in this major transaction from the beginning to after the sale because our clients are part of our team.”

One of the reasons why West gives such special attention to homeowners that work with his brokerage is his own experience – at 18, his mother lost the family home to foreclosure. That event inspired him to get into the real estate industry to prevent others from suffering the same fate. After getting his real estate license in 2005 he helped more than 100 families avoid foreclosure.

Then he set his sights on another important aspect of homeownership: upsizing to a larger property. “Now my passion is helping families that need to upsize their house for whatever reason,” West says. “Helping families is personal for me – where you live sets the tone for your entire relationship. A house that has features that aren't right puts a lot of stress on a family. You and your children deserve to be in a space that fosters good memories.”

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