In 2016 Why an Individual Will Still Need a Personal Injury Attorney For a Vehicle Accident in California

Under what circumstances would a car accident victim need a personal injury attorney to represent them in an injury claim case. Sometimes it's very difficult for a person or individual to know what to do next after a traumatic vehicle accident. Learn more....

With California being ranked #3 for most risky place to drive, due to uninsured drivers in 2015. It's no wonder this topic has become more of an issue with insured drivers who obey the laws in the State and their attorneys.

A car accident can oftentimes lead to many complex issues if an attorney needs to be involved. So with certain situations requiring certain actions, we're going to provide some situations whereas an attorney may be required to reach a resolution. With this being said, here's a look at a few situations in need of an attorney.

Limits on Damages for Uninsured Drivers (in California).
Driving without insurance is dangerous, with California being no exception. However, if one is involved in an accident and needs an attorney... there is a limit to what can be compensated for injuries. The reason for this is due to the fact uninsured drivers do not have to pay for "non-economic damages" in the event of an accident. California’s Most Common Auto Accident Injury Types:

What qualifies as "non-economic damages" refer to compensation (in the event of an accident) that isn't categorized for specific economic losses. Such losses can include loss of compensation, disfigurement, decreased quality of life, pain and suffering, and disability. However, an exception to the rule is if the driver was under the influence (whether it be drugs or alcohol).

To put California State accidents into perspective, it requires a $15,000 limit on body injuries for each individual, $30,000 for each accident, and $5,000 for any property damage. This means that if a claim happens to exceed the amounts listed... the injured person is liable for the rest. - Paying For Medical Attention After Motor Vehicle Accident Injury -

Car Accidents: Hire A Lawyer or Represent Myself -
Some people have the idea that it may be possible to represent themselves in an accident case, but there's a lot to consider before this avenue is pursued. Such things to consider are:

- There's No Upfront Fees -
- Lawyers don't require a fee unless a case is won, but representing yourself doesn't require that and can cost you what is possible to earn in a settlement.
- Lawyers Know What One Can Receive - Lawyers know what a person is entitled to (as it is their profession). The "Average Joe" may not know so much when it comes to a car accident claim.
- The Possibility Of Leaving Money On The Table - Representing oneself leaves too much opportunity to leave money on the table. Lawyers know the "in's and out" of a settlement and how to get a person the money they rightfully deserve.
Post-Treatment: Paying A Doctor After An Accident

Paying for treatment may be one of the most unexpected issues an individual may have to face after an accident. Whether it be long term or short term, the injuries can be very costly if the victim has to fit the bill. Thankfully, lawyers can help the individual understand the process for receiving the treatment they need and how to use that information for a settlement. With insurance agencies only being able to pay for so much, it's important that the treatment information is tallied so the victim doesn't have to pay for another's mistake. - New Legal Article Resources for Educating Clients About Personal Injury Rights After a Car Accident:

So considering the information above, it's important to get the right lawyers so that the injured individual receives the money they deserve. Having the right team not only makes the legal process easier, but it helps the pain of an accident go away. Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Now for Help. (909)-325-6032.

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