IMT Modular Partitions Integrates Smart Tint Technology with Their Glass Partitions

Smart Tint is a transparent window film that can be made opaque at any moment, and IMT Modular Partitions is now stocking it for their glass partitions to give optional privacy settings for offices.

Interior design can be a challenge at the best of times- it takes dedication, intuition and technical savvy to be able to design a space that flows, suits the needs of its users and feels like a welcoming environment. For businesses, this is even more difficult, as the need for partitions creates even more pressure to keep them from becoming a maze of cubicles. IMT Modular Partitions provide flexible, reusable and customizable partitions that can be adapted to fit the needs of the business at that time, and can be moved and redesigned in order to flexibly accommodate how the company evolves.

Their latest innovation has been to provide Smart Tint window film for their glass partitions, which can give an office all the benefits of a light-friendly open plan feel while at the same time creating privacy on demand. The clear window film can, at the flick of a switch, turn opaque in several shades from white to grey to isolate an area where sensitive discussions or meetings are to take place.

IMT Modular Partitions chose to become a partner with Smart Tint because they saw the potential of the technology and have already employed it in innovative ways for flexible office spaces, as can be seen in their online portfolio.

A spokesperson for IMT Modular Partitions Inc explained, “Glass partitions are a great way of getting more light into an office space and provide a more open feel than the cubicle farms that can sometimes prove claustrophobic. Despite this, privacy is sometimes called for. The amazing Smart Tint technology allows people to get this privacy at the click of a button, and it can be used flexibly for all sorts of applications, including creating projector screens on clear glass. We believe in Smart Tint technology and are proud to be one of the early adopters.”

About IMT Modular Partitions Inc:
IMT Modular Partitions Inc. is a commercial interior construction company specializing in modular office wall partitions, providing complete modular office solutions such as demountable walls and doors, wall dividers, acoustic and architectural partitions as well as glass partition walls. IMT's modular office solutions are environmentally responsible with 94% of the raw materials used produced from partially recycled materials and with nearly 100% reusability.

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