Reports on Reaction to Immigration Enforcement

The Legal Immigrant Survey examined sentiment among legal immigrants regarding the enforcement of immigration laws, the Law Offices of Joshua L. Goldstein, P.C. announces

Los Angeles immigration lawyer Joshua L. Goldstein recently conducted a Legal Immigrant Survey to determine the feelings of those who legally immigrated to the country with regard to President Donald Trump's stricter enforcement of immigration laws. Of the legal immigrants surveyed in the state, 62.7 percent stated they disagreed, with these immigrants coming from a variety of countries. When individuals who immigrated from Mexico were asked about President Trump's enforcement of immigration laws, a whopping 89 percent said they disagreed. Among both males and females, opposition to stricter enforcement was strong.

"Our firm wanted to see where individuals in our area stood on this issue, as polls seem to vary greatly in terms of sentiment regarding this policy. We chose to interview 100 legal immigrants, with 6.1 percent of the respondents stating they had obtained permanent resident status within the previous five years. Of these individuals, 63.5 percent stated their parents helped them obtain permanent resident status, with others explaining they obtained this status by way of asylum, an employer petition, marriage to an American citizen or joining the military," Goldstein explains.

Country of origin did play some role in how a person responded to the survey. Of those who stated the United States was their country of origin, most of whom obtained legal status through their parents, approximately 40 percent agreed with President Trump's enforcement. Only 11 percent of those who stated Mexico was their country of origin agreed on stricter immigration enforcement. Meaningful information could not be gathered from immigrants originating from other countries, due to a lack of respondents.

"Fear does run rampant among immigrants, as they worry about being stopped on the street simply because they don't appear American. The same likely holds true for individuals who were born in this country to citizens, yet appear to be foreign. Immigration remains a hot topic in the country today, and this will continue until matters are resolved through the legislative process and the courts," Goldstein continues.

Enforcement of existing laws isn't the only immigration topic currently being discussed. According to the Pew Research Center, 59 percent of individual polled between February 7th and February 12th of this year state they disagree with Donald Trump's executive order regarding refugees coming from seven countries, all of which are majority Muslim nations. As a result, anyone not born in the United States has something to fear regarding their status in America.

"Although there are times when an immigrant poses an actual threat to public safety (such as when ICE officials in Phoenix deported a convicted felon to Mexico, where he will face kidnapping charges stemming from 1999), the sad truth is that under Trump even law abiding immigrants are afraid. They worry the government has begun to overstep their bounds and deport individuals who simply come here for a better life. Ultimately, the courts will have to closely review the constitutionality of Trump's executive orders. Meanwhile, I'm ready to help anyone who is worried about the future, and how Trump's policies will affect them," Goldstein states.

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