Imagination Ward Website Launched in Response to Dwindling Childhood Imagination

Creativity is crucial in a number of childhood developmental aspects, and the trend away from this element could be detrimental, publishes

Ongoing studies place critical importance on the roles imagination and creativity play in childhood development. Despite these findings, recent reports indicate children have become less imaginative over the past two decades, creating widespread difficulties in mental, emotional and academic aspects alike. In light of this trend, Benjamin Barr has launched Imagination Ward, a new website dedicated to protecting this potentially powerful, yet dwindling element in children.

"All of us here at Imagination Ward have watched this disturbing trend unfold in recent years," said Barr, "and we realized there was a growing need for intervention. Creativity is crucial to emotional development, but it's also important in terms of science, mathematics, problem solving and an endless array of other areas. Plenty of parents are noticing these shortcomings and looking for ways to ramp up their children's imaginations, but they're not sure of exactly where to start. Our website was designed as a guiding light to help them along the way."

Among the topics covered at is outdoor play. A number of experts believe the nation's well-documented movement away from outside activities is at least partially responsible for the recent downturn in creative capacity. Imagination Ward discusses a wide range of outdoor toys and activities known for ramping up children's interest, such as inflatables, bicycles and water slides to name a few.

Indoor activities are additionally examined, including microscopes geared toward various age groups and designed to pique interest in science among children. Electronic devices are likewise covered. While the debate on video games remains a hot-button issue among parents and childhood development specialists, a growing selection of games is being developed to combine the video game concept with learning and problem solving to further stimulate imagination and provide academic nurturing.

Safety during play both indoors and out is likewise discussed via Imagination Ward with ATV's, protecting play equipment and providing structured playtime being touched upon. Further information can be found at

Concluded Barr, "Albert Einstein himself pointed out imagination is more important than knowledge. At Imagination Ward, we feel there's no reason the two can't go hand in hand, each one serving to boost the other in the eyes of our upcoming generation. We're here to act as an all-inclusive resource for parents hoping to bolster their children's learning and creativity through the power of play. From classic favorites to emerging technology, we cover it all."

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Committed to guiding parents in raising imaginative and holistic children, Imagination Ward provides a broad range of information on the best indoor and outdoor toys to help spark creativity and interest in today's youth.

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