IGD Digital Cash Is All Set to Take the Global Cryptocurrency Market by Storm

Islamic Gold Dinar is a decentralized cryptocurrency token based on blockchain technology that allows users to invest and profit without fear of being robbed.

The Islamic Gold Dinar is a decentralized cryptocurrency token designed to fulfill a specific purpose: to provide Muslims, non-Muslims, the poor, and third-world communities with a secure investment opportunity in which investors can rest assured that their money is safe.

The platform is launched on Binance Smart Chain as it aims to become one of the biggest projects and most dominant coins/tokens in cryptocurrency history. The IGD token was intended to help communities and give them peace of mind about their money. The platform is an opportunity for ordinary individuals who wish to be a part of an inclusive project and enjoy the most cost-efficient solution.

The main objective of the IGD platform is to keep it free from any scams and fraud. IGD will be a platform for ordinary people, so it will have the most user-friendly interface; easy to use. Also, it will be the most scalable payment-focused cryptocurrency in the world.

To ensure all of this, the platform will highly depend on the network masternodes. These masternodes are essentially collateralized servers designed to provide advanced services safely and under the IDG proposal system's control. In exchange for a portion of block rewards, masternodes give the network a second layer of services.

IGD is for individuals and institutions, such as merchants, financial services, traders, and anyone looking to send money internationally. The platform focuses on quality and equality rather than quantity as it is the only way possible to balance the wealth of the world.

The Islamic Gold Dinar is pleased to inform that the presale is now live. Users interested in purchasing IGD tokens can visit the website here. In addition, the platform is thrilled to announce the launch of an initial coin offering (ICO) and an app, both of which will take place in April and the third quarter of this year, respectively.

The platform is also attempting to attract large investors to the initiative. IGD will have a good foothold in offering an easy-to-learn opportunity with these efforts. Furthermore, the platform will significantly assist NGOs, the education sector, and charities.

The platform intends to provide 2.5 percent of all transactions to charity, 2.5 percent to advisers, 40 percent to the liquidity pool, 25 percent to the listing, 20 percent to the team, and the remaining 10% to marketing.

The company's primary goal is to provide ordinary people with an opportunity, a platform, where they may invest their money in the hopes of making more money while avoiding being robbed.

Users willing to invest in the IGD project can visit the website here. Furthermore, ordinary forks willing to stay updated on the recent announcements can join IGD's Telegram channel.

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