IDEX digital assets exchange officially launched globally

In 2018-2019, with the continuous development of blockchain technology and digital assets, the digital asset exchange has gradually attracted the public's attention.

In 2018-2019, with the continuous development of blockchain technology and digital assets, the digital asset exchange has gradually attracted the public's attention.

The traditional paper money unable to play a role in this Internet era. The more powerful the Internet, the more powerful the digital assets will be.So are digital asset exchanges getting stronger?

As we all know, there are not a few digital asset trading platforms in the world, of course, only a few well-known, and they are in a rapid transformation stage.

The so-called Exchange is the platform we often hear about, such as Binance and Hoobi. It needs a process for users to enter the currency circle from entering to trading. In this process, the exchange has become an indispensable link.

Even so, many users' cognition of the exchange is still in the infancy stage. Obviously, they want to be rich, but they are not sure which exchange to go to.

A lot of people are still asking me which trading platforms to invest in virtual currency, so today I will introduce them specifically:

IDEX(i-cloud Exchange)The digital asset exchange will be officially launched this week (subject to the official announcement) 

According to people familiar with the matter, IDEX has obtained the trading license of digital currency in the United States and formal digital asset trading license, which is one of the few in the world. IDEX digital asset exchange will face the global digital asset market after obtaining the license.

Now the exchange is growing so fast , and the number of Currencies on each exchange is different, which is related to the exchange's strategy. Some exchanges will put up all kinds of coins. Hundreds of coins are traded on these exchanges, and they're flooded with junk. It is easy to be confused by the dizzying variety of Currencies, such as domestic Binance, known abroad as P net, b net (bittrex) , are such exchanges.


The current strategy of IDEX i-cloud Exchange is to do traffic first, and at the same time ensure that the online digital assets are all mainstream, universally recognized, and have physical asset benchmarking.

Because there are many projects with no value, let alone the future. It can only lead to the loss of investors and the decline of the reputation of the exchange. So the American Stock Exchange in the examination of transaction varieties, as well as the selection of products, launching projects are exceptionally strict.


What IDEX i-cloud Exchange is building is a high-quality platform, which can promote the financing of small and medium-sized enterprises and asset listing transactions all over the world, as well as provide a reassuring investment and trading platform for investors interested in digital currency.

It is reported that the IDEX i-cloud Exchange will launch multiple currencies: BTC, ETH, ETC, EOS, JBY,VGO, NT, UN. As a company in the field of digital assets, up to now, Wadi Investment evaluation company in the United States has valued it at US $100 million, which can not be ignored in blockchain scenario, financial scenario and blockchain ecosystem. The transaction of digital assets made by IDEX i-cloud Exchange belongs to real right, which is a kind of equity voucher. It is expressed in the way of blockchain and traded with each other online.

In the relevant strategy promotion of IDEX i-cloud Exchange, based on offline block operation, cloud data storage, and double helix and double engine operation mode transaction, user assets can be guaranteed and wealth added through asset block transaction, and audit and evaluation of user's entire assets can be issued

IDEX staff told us that they would also open a whitelist to include better third parties. The white list is used to evaluate and audit for high-quality projects and potential blockchain innovation, and make these project reports public to all customers.

Therefore, for this market demand, the digital asset barter platform that IDEX is building caters to China's policies. It can and must make the virtual economy better serve the entity business sector, and make some real smart contract applications and further projects in the blockchain technology field.

With the blockchain of smart contracts, we can create extremely rich applications around digital points, which will enable human society to surpass the Internet, surpass digital life and reshape digital life.

IDEX i-cloud Exchange trading system has four unique technologies, a unique dual helix and dual drive engine mode,

Under the four core advantages of quantum entanglement transaction, distributed data storage, cloud transaction and Millennium matchmaking engine, it can help more high-tech enterprises, blockchain development enterprises and blockchain application enterprises to develop better, and even promote the development of the world economy.

The overall plan of IDEX is to attract 100 digital assets to go online in 2020, build a leading trading platform for digital assets, promote economic development, establish the Asia Pacific exchange alliance, build an autonomous ecosystem of exchanges, combine trust, fund, foreign exchange and securities companies to form a multi-dimensional financial service platform, and launch 1000 digital assets in three years. It will steadily enter the global market, have a layout in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries, and build global communities in Africa, America, Asia and Australia at the same time, and plan to land on the main board of NYSE IPO in 2022, with a valuation of more than 10 billion US dollars; The net profit will reach 3 billion in 2022, and the total market value will reach 150 billion based on  50 times price earnings ratio calculation.

IDEX was officially launched in the world on January 6, 2020 Beijing time, and user registration was opened. Every step of the development of the i-cloud Exchange is far beyond the expectation. I believe that they will certainly live up to expectations, together, to create a miracle.

We believe that: IDEX i-cloud Exchange is not just an exchange, but an endless legend.

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