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Identity theft is a growing problem. It is actually one of the fastest growing crimes in the world. Huge criminal gangs from Eastern Europe and Russia have started to rely on the criminal proceeds of identity theft as their main income. That means people all over the world are getting hit hard. It’s important to be protected against this type of crime, because anyone could be a victim.

One identity theft related website that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This website has recently released a substantial discount code for an identity theft protection service called LifeLock. This service is reputed to be the very best way to be protected from the problem of identity theft.

LifeLock works by actively monitoring their customer’s identity. When any suspicious activity is detected, the customer is reported. This gives them the time to stop any loan applications or anything else that is being fraudulently done in their name. The service helps stop identity theft from getting out of hand. The credit applications can be cancelled before any money is handed over, and the customer can secure their identity details.

In the event that LifeLock is unable to secure their customer’s identity, they will provide up to $1 million for legal action and other services needed to repair the damage done by the identity theft.

A spokesperson for the site said: “Identity theft is an all too common problem. In the modern world, a lot of our information is transmitted digitally. Skilled and organized gangs can target vulnerable computer systems, obtain this information, and then use it for their own illicit purposes – leaving the victim responsible for their actions. Most identity thieves take out loans using the victim’s details and credit history to obtain large amounts of money that the victim is liable to repay. There have also been incidents where the victim’s identity is abused in even more egregious ways, dragging their good name and their sterling reputation through the mud. It’s a terrifying ordeal to go through. Fortunately there are identity theft protection companies like LifeLock out there. They offer an incredible service, and with the LifeLock promo code on our site it is available even more cheaply. People who wish to learn more can also follow links to LifeLock reviews on our site.”

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