Identity Protection Landscape Changes as Symantec Acquires LifeLock for $2.3 Billion

LifeLock, Inc. and Symantec are joining forces to become the largest consumer facing protection company with the combination of its cyber security software Norton and LifeLock’s suite of identity protection products.

Symantec and LifeLock have agreed to terms surrounding a purchase of the leading identity theft protection provider that expect to close in the first quarter of 2017. The deal has been agreed upon at the sale price of $2.3 billion dollars pending regulatory review and the announcement sent LifeLock stock shares soaring by over 40% in the month of November.

LifeLock, who’s currently reviewed as the leading ID protection provider, is expected to see its capabilities and service line improve as a result of the acquisition and potential merging of offers that should result as the organizations come together in 2017. “Consumer cybercrime has reached crisis levels. […] With the combination of Norton and LifeLock, comprehensive cyber defence for consumers is now available,” said Greg Clark, Symantec executive.

“It is expected now that there will be a movement toward total protection in the coming years that will impact the purpose of providing usable information for consumers to make decisions on how to protect themselves. With so much of daily life being ‘digital’ it is important that protection companies evolve their products to serve all aspects of digital life and the hope is that this acquisition paves the way for other security firms to do the same,” says executives.

Other identity theft protection providers are known to offer cyber security to their customers but not at the magnitude or significance seen in this recent move by two the each industry’s giants. This reality is stated plainly on Symantec’s website homepage with the headline text reading, “TOGETHER, NORTON AND LIFELOCK ARE REDEFINING THE WORLD OF ONLINE SAFETY.”

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