IdeaKloud Enhances Their Notification Bar Plugin With Mobile Responsiveness

Version 2.0 of the WP notification bar plugin will be released by IdeaKloud, facilitating better traffic conversion with its new mobile responsive feature.

As the number of mobile internet users continues to increase exponentially, improving websites with mobile responsiveness has become one of the most pressing preoccupations of website owners and web designers. Mobile internet creates a continuously growing category of visitors that website owners must reach and attract. Failing to optimize a website for mobile users could lead to significant drops in traffic and, most importantly, sales.

To meet the needs of WordPress website owners who want to attract mobile users to their sites, IdeaKloud will release version 2.0 of the WP Squeezebar plugin. The new version is improved with mobile responsiveness, and allows users to create notification bars for the mobile version of their websites.

Version 1.0 of the WP notification bar plugin created by IdeaKloud had the purpose of facilitating the conversion of traffic by determining users to take action when visiting a website. For a long period of time, a great emphasis had been put on search engine optimization, ignoring the need to convert the traffic brought to a website by SEO into sales. IdeaKloud’s WP Squeezebar plugin allowed WP website owners to create notification bars that forced visitors to take action toward buying the product, thus converting traffic into sales. By obliging users to make a decision (pressing a yes or no button), the plugin offered a simple solution to the inactivity and ad blindness of most internet users.

The upgraded version of the plugin allows its users to create separate notification bars for the mobile versions of their WP websites. This way, the long, "heavier" notification bars with lightbox, subscription features and social media options for desktop users will become lighter and simpler when viewed on mobile devices. This way, styling issues are avoided, improving the browsing experience of mobile users and the mobile interface of the website. While the mobile notification bars that can be created with the new version of the wp squeezebar plugin look different than their desktop versions, there are as efficient in grabbing visitors’ attention and improving conversion rates.

Version 2.0 of the WP Squeezebar plugin offers all the functions and features of the previous version, enhanced with mobile responsiveness. Mervik Haums, the person behind the Squeezebar idea, and many other IdeaKloud projects, informs the new version of the plugin would be available for marketers and webmasters in two weeks. Hoping it will bring a simple, but effective solution to optimizing WP websites for mobiles and boosting sales. More information can be found on the IdeaKloud official website.

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