ICPCS is creating the World’s first Decentralized OS hosted on the ICP Blockchain

ICPCS is an upcoming collection of generative art on the Internet Computer releasing March 11th. Holders of ICPCS will be granted beta access to ICOS - a browser-based portal into the ICP ecosystem.

ICPCS are creating a brand new ecosystem on the ICP, powered by NFTs. The first product In the ICPCS ecosystem will be a collection of 7,777 uniquely generated PC setups with attributes ranging from cases, peripherals, accessories, posters, and more, releasing March 11th on Entrepot, the premier NFT Marketplace on ICP.

The ICPCS NFT collection itself could be described as a celebration of the home PC. Personal computers have evolved drastically throughout the years, and they want to pay homage to the most iconic designs in computing history – after all, while primarily utilitarian devices, many PCs could be considered pieces of art in and of themselves. They’ve also included various environments and cultural references to give each NFT its own unique aesthetic.

The second product in the ICPCS ecosystem is ICOS, the World’s first Decentralized OS hosted on the ICP Blockchain. ICOS is a web-based, cross-platform portal into the Internet Computer ecosystem. It is designed to be an intuitive, simple to use, dApp launcher through which the most popular IC applications can be seamlessly started and switched between as in a regular operating system with a window manager - all without the user needing to have more than one browser tab open at any time.

Their primary goal is to improve the user experience of every Internet Computer enthusiast, as well as to make interacting with the ecosystem a simpler undertaking for new users. The project is comes with ICP dApps preloaded as separate applications and sorted into categories including DeFi, GameFi, News, NFTs and Socials. Logging into apps is completely automatic - any IC apps previously used in the same browser are immediately usable from within ICOS. Aside from commonly used dApps, ICOS features quality of life utilities such as a file manager, music player, image viewer, textpad, and more. It is customizable and persistent, with all changes to the settings stored locally to minimize workload and data storage on the back-end.

A preview version of the ICOS beta has undergone testing in a traditional web2 client/server environment by members of the ICPCS community, as well as select partners in the ecosystem.

ICDM or Internet Computer Decentralized Mining is a dApp combining all of the passive income opportunities granted to ICPCS NFT holders. Each ICPCS NFT sale on the secondary market will have a 7% tax - 5% will go to the reflection pool to be rewarded back to holders based on the combined NRI of their holdings, 1% will go towards offsetting their carbon footprint and 1% will go to platform maintenance. Manage collections, claim reflection and staking rewards, send NFTs between wallets, and more.

ICPCS also plan to move into DeFi and Metaverse spaces respectively. ICPCS Tokens will be airdropped based on a snapshot of Gen 1 ICPCS NFT holders. The more Gen 1 NFTs users hold in their wallet, the bigger their airdrop allocation is going to be. The token will upgrade their ICDM system to support staking and many more features. The ICPCS Metaverse expansion is currently only been hinted, but it is expected it to come sooner rather than later.

The ICPCS ecosystem and community are growing rapidly, to keep up to date with all the latest updates and announcements they recommend joining their Discord.

Contact Info:
Name: Ivan
Email: Send Email
Organization: ICPCS – Internet Computers
Phone: +385 50077 106
Website: https://icpcs.io/

Release ID: 89066519