ICE takes advantage of the trend to build the world's first decentralized international - cash exchange platform

The international spot exchange platform adopts blockchain technology to provide a fair, just, open, safe, efficient and stable foreign exchange trading environment for foreign exchange traders.

Blockchain is not an unfamiliar thing for a lot of people. However, except for Bitcoin which is applying in economic area as a blockchain, there is still a huge hole left for a real killing application. Moreover, the biggest pain pot is that, in the market, an appliable application with broad value, has not been invented, especially on the TOC side.

International Currency Exchange, as a professional institution with strong foreign exchange market, has been paying attention to the development and value of blockchain with the eyesight of this certain market.

The foreign exchange market is the world's largest financial market.
Under the global trend of economic globalization and financial transaction liberalization, foreign exchange’s penetration and competitiveness are constantly increasing. According to the triennial survey report from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the daily transaction volume of the global foreign exchange market is as high as 6 trillion dollars (US).  Even so, the foreign exchange industry has always had many pain points, mainly about malicious vicious betting transactions, malicious slippage, delays, non-exhaustion, inefficiency, liquidation and settlement risks. At the same time, due to the pain points of the inconvenience and inconvenience caused by the differences in the policies of various countries in the foreign exchange market, the decentralized payment method of blockchain cryptocurrency might be the best solution.

 The international spot exchange platform adopts blockchain technology to provide a fair, just, open, safe, efficient and stable foreign exchange trading environment for foreign exchange traders. ICE (ice coin) issued by international spot exchange is a decentralized comprehensive service platform built with block chain BCB public chain as the underlying technology and smart contract. It is a project developed within the MIT license agreement. Developers can use API or SDK to help developers build decentralized applications of financial market. Ice combines blockchain technology with various fields to create a landing application demonstration project, solve the payment problems of all walks of life around the world, and realize the landing of blockchain industry.

 At present, most of the quotations in the foreign exchange market are matched by Reuters, forming our common quotation in the foreign exchange market. Multi thread matching in ICE chain will revolutionize the decentralization environment and generate a price that reflects the real market will. ICE can fundamentally solve all kinds of problems in the current foreign exchange trading market, which are embodied in the following features: decentralization, openness, trustworthiness, security and smart contract. It fundamentally solves the problem of mutual trust between trading subjects in different links. This solution is completed from the underlying technology, and can solve various problems in foreign exchange trading from the root. ICE trading can effectively ensure the execution of trading results and the gradual expansion of the main chain, which will put the whole foreign exchange industry in the sunshine.

International finance has changed people's financial management methods and social economic forms. The proportion of individual user value and profit is seriously unbalanced. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of the world's financial giants, resulting in a serious imbalance in the balance of wealth. People urgently need a new economic mode and business situation to break this situation. ICE international exchange is to earn profits for everyone by exchanging foreign exchange. International cash is used to build industrial chain clusters and business alliances through block chain technology and Internet plus integration, and ICE assets entrance certification is used to achieve ecological cycle. Ice pass will surely bring about the change of traditional business model and production relationship. By decentralizing investment, a new business model can be generated and become the core weapon to fight against traditional capital!

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