Icarus P&T Announces Launch of Irish Branch of Online Stove Fan Store

The online stove fan review and information site is now available to Irish customers at StoveFanReviews.com

Offering information and reviews on stove fan products for individuals throughout Europe, Icarus P&T recently launched an online store for Irish customers. Now those in Ireland have access to the same information others have access to make informed and educated decisions regarding stove fan products.

“Pellet and wood stoves are great sources of warmth during cold days and nights,” stated company representative Thomas Bator. “Unfortunately, there is a significant disadvantage – they will only warm the neighboring air. As a result, the warmth is not spread throughout the space efficiently. This is where our wood burner fan options come in. With these, the warmth is spread throughout the room with ease.”

The website is set up to make finding desired information and resources with ease. Designed with easy-to-understand navigation, consumers can search for stove fan options by reviews, top ratings, new arrivals, and brand. Icarus P&T is now an official distributor of Valiant’s products in Ireland, providing exclusive access to these high-quality items.

“It is easy to get confused when searching for a log burner fan,” continued Bator. “There are so many options and differences that it can make it challenging to know which one is best for your needs. That’s where our website comes in. We provide helpful resources, reviews from real users and expert analysis of the products available today. We also update the site regularly to ensure you always have access to the latest information available.”

In addition to offering expert information and reviews, consumers can also set up a free trade account at http://ie.stovefanreviews.com/. While stove fans are an essential tool in making sure a space is warm and comfortable, finding the right one is often challenging, which is something the newly launched website Stove Fan Reviews from Icarus P&T hopes to remedy.


Icarus P&T is a leading provider of information and reviews regarding stove fans. Dedicated to informing consumers and guiding the buying decision, consumers can feel confident in the decision they make when using information provided by this top site. Created to be simple for consumers to use, the information highlighted on the website is well-organized and searchable, making it a go-to website for anyone considering a stove fan purchase. Updated regularly with expert advice, new resources, and real user reviews, this site can be counted on to provide the information needed to guide the stove fan buying decision.

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