IC Media Direct - Shares Effective Tools for Developing Internet Branding

Advertisers are finding it difficult to identify a clear path that elevates a brand above its competitors.

Businesses have started using effective tools to improve their Internet presence as a result of digital marketing changes. IC Media Direct, a well-known PR and marketing company founded before Google, has highlighted modern techniques that can help businesses develop a powerful Internet brand. Founded in 1996, IC Media Direct is known for its first-class reputation and brand management strategies around the globe. Their experience gives corporations a clear path to success, due to the unique insight and knowledge obtained with 20 years of SEO and reputation management.

Among the sheer amount of digital options and trends now available in the 21st century, advertisers are finding it difficult to identify a clear path that elevates a brand above its competitors. Additions to the industry such as Twitter conversational ads, the rise of native advertising within the mobile market, advanced automation, and analytics tools make it more difficult for companies to plan a unique and responsive media campaign. According to IC Media Direct, companies should focus on increased blogging, reliance on data, and analytics to drive strategy. This is often achieved through a strong focus on personalization and storytelling content, micro-targeting, and paid advertising to build a powerful brand in 2016.

Using the plethora of social media channels now available is imperative when attempting to create a brand to which users will respond positively. Recently, IC Media Direct has addressed the potential in apps like Snapchat, which is particularly popular among the younger crowd, as a means to reach a new target audience. By creating a unique voice among social media platforms, customers will gain familiarity and credibility for the business.

With two decades of experience as a public relations and full-service marketing firm, IC Media Direct has offices in Washington, DC, and New York City. The firm has established itself as a leader in brand reputation management and controlling online search results. Often a sponsor and attendee of leading marketing and technology events, including ad:tech, LeadsCon, and Affiliate Summit, the company offers its clients a variety of services, from public relations to content marketing, research gathering, and AdWords consultation. The firm specializes in ensuring the creation of appropriate content and distributes it through necessary channels to achieve maximum publicity.

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