HyperTech Group Announces Launch of HyperFund And The Ogilvy Project

The Hyper Summit by HyperTech Group was successfully conducted via a livestream that was broadcasted to a worldwide audience.

The Hyper Summit by HyperTech Group was successfully conducted via a livestream that was broadcasted to a worldwide audience. The event was graced by a number of industry experts and KOLs in the blockchain space for the official launch of HyperFund and The Ogilvy Project. Event attendees included Ryan Xu, early bitcoin investor, Founder of Collinstar Capital and Founder of HyperTech Group, Sam Lee, Chairman of HyperTech Group and Founder of BGL and Blockchain Centre, CEO of HyperTech Group Jayden Wei as well as HCASH CEO Adam Geri and CMO Andrew Wasylewicz.

New Challenges, New Opportunities
Guests gathered from all over to world to witness the upgrade of HyperCapital to HyperFund that sets to strengthen the Hyper Ecosystem with the combine efforts from HyperTech Group’s institutional partners. Newly onboarded partners include several MNCs and traditional institutions such as PALcapital, Block Ledger, Horman Capital and INP.
As HyperTech Group’s Chairman Sam explained, the upgrade was a necessity due to the change in strategic focus and development plans of the company. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain space are not just about price action and disruptions. Innovations are important, and regulations must be at the forefront so that the entire industry can develop and grow at a sustainable and secure rate. On this note, HyperTech Group will continue to work with governments around the world to ensure that technical innovations can provide real applications for society.
With the upgrade, HyperFund will also be more streamlined and better equipped to handle the challenges and opportunities in the traditional finance and cryptocurrency market. It will have 3 key focus: Tech Incubation, Investment and Funding, and Community Building.
The Ogilvy Project
At the same time, CEO Jayden also revealed the launch of a brand-new program – HyperFund’s Ogilvy Project. The Ogilvy Project will reward members in the blockchain space for their efforts and contributions towards the holistic development of the industry. Jayden explained that inclusion is an important mission since the inception of HyperTech Group, and the Ogilvy Project is a great way to draw more people into the cryptocurrency industry.
Plans For The Next Decade
HyperFund’s Marketing Director Alfred Qiu shared the roadmap for the next few years, with plans for HyperTech Group to be listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by 2022. Moving forward, the company will tread boldly into new territory, with the launch of exciting products including blockchain based social networking platforms – HyperNews, HyperTalk and HyperShow.
HyperTech Group remains committed to changing the world through blockchain technology, and HyperFund will be crucial to this commitment. Blockchain will dominate the future, and HyperTech Group will be there to support the genesis of a new era.

About HyperTech Group
HyperTech Group, a comprehensive and diversified blockchain technology conglomerate group, is committed to promoting the development of blockchain technology globally and creating a comprehensive digital supply chain. The Group’s vision is to support the breakthrough and development of blockchain technology and empower our future.

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