Hydroponics Tulsa Company Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics Launches Updated Website

Tulsa-based Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics offers the latest and most comprehensive information about hydroponics. The full-service garden and hydroponics center, serves the personal and commercial garden needs of the greater Tulsa area.

Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics and Max Altschuler are pleased to announce that the hydroponics Tulsa garden center has provided a new website, filled with the latest information about the commercial and personal garden needs of the Greater Tulsa area. The full-service garden and hydroponics center, offers detailed and descriptive product information, unique and vast selections, and professional service. The company is proud to provide an inventory filled with top of the line and affordable items. At Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics, the top priority is customers. The goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and provide for all gardening needs.

The company website lists information about upcoming education classes on a variety of topics related to gardening and hydroponics. The tentative class schedule will include sessions on closing, setting up a grow tent, Deep Water Cultivation/Hydroponic design, IPM (Integrated Pest Management), building living soil, and grow room calculation and math.

Further details are available at https://guerrillagrowhydroponics.com

A spokesperson for the gardening center explained, “Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics will gladly cater to commercial cultivators and large scale personal hydroponic and garden needs. If you require large and or frequent purchases, Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics is prepared to offer extremely competitive pricing to help alleviate your daily cost.”

Hydroponics is a type of hydroculture, which is a method of growing plants without soil. The process uses mineral nutrients in a water solvent. The nutrients are provided from a range of sources, such as fish excrement, duck manure or chemical fertilizers. Some of the plants which are grown in a hydroponic medium include tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuces, peppers and marijuana. There are several different products and processes which are utilized to achieve healthy and sturdy plants, regardless of the temperature or soil conditions. The plants may be grown with only the roots in the nutrient solution or may be supported through the use of perlite or gravel.

Further details are available at Guerrilla Grow Hydroponics

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