Hydrohub Alkaline Water Outlet Announces Opening of New Store in Tucson, AZ

Dedicated to enhancing the quality, image and service of the planet's number one consumption item - water - Hydrohub.com has opened a new store in Tucson, Arizona

Each day, the average American family uses over 300 gallons of water in their home. Approximately 70 percent of this use takes place indoors. Also, throughout the nation, outdoor water use accounts for an estimated 30 percent of household use, but it is often much higher for drier areas in the of the country, such as Tucson, Arizona.

Water is a vital part of day to day life. It is also the planets number one consumption item to date. To help provide safe, clean water to individuals in Tucson, Arizona, Hydrohub Alkaline Water Outlet is proud to announce the opening of their brand-new location

“Our new water store location offers a wide array of water-related services,” stated company spokesperson David Wewee. “We offer 24/7 access to premium mineral alkaline water vending, provide water fill-up and in-house load assistance, we have an ozone blast rinse station on site and sell premium purified ice.”

Hydrohub uses an 11-step water purification process to ensure customers are supplied with the safest, best-tasting water available. Thanks to the purification process used by Hydrohub, all water and ice sold include invaluable nutrients and minerals that help to maintain pH levels of 9 or more, even have the water is stored away for months.

“Our alkaline water makes a huge difference, and not only due to the nutrients and minerals it contains, but also because of what we are able to filter out,” continued Wewee. “With our water, you and your entire family will feel the numerous health benefits of our Natural Alkaline Mineral Water, which is purified of any chlorine, lead and other common chemicals, along with biological and viral impurities.”

For those who want to Learn More About Hydrohub in Tucson, they can Click here or visit the company’s new location or website.


The goal of Hydrohub Alkaline Water Outlet is to meet the demand of both thirst and health-conscious consumers. This company is proud to offer superior drinking water products and services that are uniquely designed to help better heal and hydrate the masses. By delivering the various benefits offered by premium water, both conveniently and affordably, this company is working diligently to exceed the conventional drinking water sources available today by providing the exceptional hydration options that modern consumers demand and deserve.

Contact Info:
Name: David Wewee
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Organization: Hydrohub Alkaline Water Outlet
Address: 3720 W. Ina Rd. Suite #118 Tucson, AZ 85741
Phone: (520) 477-732
Website: https://hydrohub.com/

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