HULT Private Capital Geared Up for 2020 Alternative and Asset Backed Investments

HULT Private Capital believes that secure asset backed investments will play an important role in bringing good returns in 2019

Bespoke wealth markets are an important avenue for attractive capital returns in 2019 onwards. The investment firm that is leading this space is HULT Private Capital, which is a trusted name for making alternative investments and leveraging the property markets through property loan notes.

HULT Private Capital is an award winning wealth management and investment boutique which serves VIP or select high net worth clients with a very robust approach to various alternative markets. The focus is on risk adjusted returns with an open architecture platform, and reliable relationships with custodian banks. Niche investors prefer firms which are grounded in sound strategies and driven by strong ethics, and HULT is built precisely for them.

For the year 2019, HULT Private Capital believes that secure asset backed investments will play an important role in bringing returns upwards of 8% to 12% per annum. Among alternative investment avenues, HULT focuses on physical commodities (food such as wheat, energy/oil), property loan notes, lending and infrastructure. Another important area is that of lease secure loans and UAE bank guaranteed investment holdings.

"Our clients come from every corner of the globe and they entrust us with assets ranging from 250k to hundreds of millions. We know how to identify opportunities that create and maximise value while minimising risk, through strategic and planned investing," said Mark Hudson of HULT Private Capital.

Several factors distinguish HULT from conventional investment firms and competitors such as FJP Investment. HULT's bank backed investments are fully capital protected direct by the bank and have access to a number of FCA regulated programs. HULT is also fully integrated with technology, using algorithmic investing with AI and deep learning, an expert staff with research degrees, instant processing of transactions, and no behavioral biases. HULT also charges zero management fees.

Among the investment opportunities, HULT zeroes in on market capital voids, acquisitions that can deliver value for money, and investment programs that are tax efficient. The focus is thus on quality rather than quantity.

Founded in 2008 by John Williams and Lewis Hill, HULT Private Capital operates from four offices in London, Germany, Dubai and Hong Kong. The team comprises over 60 personnel, and the entrepreneurial management advisory board consists of highly qualified finance professionals. HULT believes in delivering superior returns backed by excellent service, and honouring at all times its core values of trust, respect and integrity.

The vision of HULT is unique and clear. HULT's aim is to be the leading global boutique investment house for select HNW sophisticated investors who have a keen interest to make smart investment decisions and a thirst for dynamic investment platforms. To continue to demonstrate a second to none service that goes beyond quality honesty and integrity, elements missing in today's investment world. To learn more about HULT Private Capital, please visit:
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