Hudson Valley Seniors Declare their Support for Antonio Delgado

A group of war veterans and baby boomers, the Hudson Valley Seniors, has taken to the streets to ensure that the 19th Congressional District gets out to vote – and that they do so for Delgado.

A Walk down memory lane with the elder residents of Hudson Valley sparked a revolution. The Hudson Valley Seniors have already established themselves as pillars of their community and are now working together to take a political stance in backing Antonio Delgado in his run for Congress. The Midterm elections are right around the corner, taking place on November 6th. This group of war veterans and baby boomers has taken to the streets to ensure that the 19th Congressional District gets out to vote – and that they do so for Delgado.

After living through several decades of America’s history - the McCarthy era, World War II and the Japanese American internment camps, as well as the social and economic highs and lows of pre and post Vietnam War - the Hudson Valley Seniors are advising their community to “Vote for a candidate who will ensure your right to affordable health care. Vote for a candidate who will stand up, without fear, to the current administration on tariff issues. Vote for a candidate ready to rebuild America, honor our veterans and treat our allies with respect.”

Armed with lawn signs and a deep sense of patriotism, these seniors have taken it upon themselves to spread their message loud and clear: they refuse to sit back idly and watch history repeat itself. They have canvased towns across Hudson Valley with signs to promote their congressional candidate of choice, Antonio Delgado, taken to social media to create momentum behind their cause, and have even taken an old school approach by speaking to people face to face about their thoughts and concerns.

These seniors are lobbying for change based on their most sincere truths. They have survived enough turmoil in America’s history and they feel it is up to them to ensure past mistakes are never repeated. That this already great country continues to move forward in a way that serves its entire people and not just a select few and that they elect officials into office who are not going to back down when the people need them most.

In speaking with Arthur, a founding member of the Hudson Valley Seniors, it is obvious that he has love and admiration for his New York home and the position it plays politically. “The nineteenth congressional district of New York remains more a portrait of America’s yesteryear than today’s roiling urban centers. Which gives the district the special chance to display the qualities that make America great. These are welcoming newcomers, enjoyment of differences, absorption into our way of life. Communities encourage respect for homeland cultures as they celebrate America’s exceptionalism.”

Arthur and fellow members of HVS know that the valuable lessons learned from past years can be used to pave the way for progression, just as America has always intended. Through spreading their personal stories of America’s trials and tribulations, showcasing similarities between past and present issues facing our nation, they believe they can make a difference in how their Hudson Valley neighbors view and vote in the primary elections.

About Hudson Valley Seniors:

Hudson Valley Seniors are a group of local residents through out the 19th Congressional District of New York State. They are a collection of farmers, business owners, and local towns people who have lived through a lifetime of America’s history and have organized in hopes of preventing a repeat of the past. They have chosen to pledge their support to Democratic Congressional Candidate Antonio Delgado. They maintain a social media presence, a website and a blog where they are politically active and voice their opinions and support in hopes of educating their fellow Hudson Valley residents to get out and vote in the up-coming primary election.

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