Hudson Robotics Announces Corporate Reorganization

Hudson Robotics will now consist of Hudson Custom Solutions, Hudson Life Science, and Hudson Screening Divisions.

Hudson Robotics today announced the reorganization of its business into three (3) functional divisions. Hudson Robotics, Inc. will consist of Hudson Custom Solutions, Hudson Life Science, and Hudson Screening Divisions. The restructuring is effective on June 1, 2013.

Hudson Robotics has been a leader in laboratory automation solutions for over 30 years. The company started as an integrator, providing one of the earliest PC-based scheduling software solutions to laboratory instrumentation. The company started distributing automation systems in 1985, becoming the first distributor of CRS robotic arms in the US market.

The company has grown organically over the past 30 years building a portfolio of instruments, software and technology. “I tell my employees all the time that I don’t know of another company our size with the amount of products, solutions and capabilities that we can offer”, says Philip Farrelly, company founder and president.

The company is awash in hidden value. Scott VanderWoude, Director of Sales and Marketing comments, “We are a victim of our own successes. We do things quickly and effectively, so we do lots of projects. What we have yet to do is focus our external efforts to get the message out through partnerships, OEM relationships and other B2B opportunities.”

Hudson Custom Solutions will have a dedicated focus on large integrations for laboratory automation as well as non-traditional automated solutions. In the recent past Hudson has completed multiple large, custom projects for divisions of pharmaceutical companies and water testing labs.

Hudson Life Science will focus on their core customers in the laboratory and their partners in laboratory automation. The company is partnering with numerous companies offering readers for cell-based assays and high content screening. Hudson continues to expand its solutions for colony-picking, just recently introducing a specialized picker for fungi and microbials. The company will soon launch a solution for picking from semisolid media and stem cells. “I felt our core customers and partners were somehow getting lost in all that we try to do each day”, says Mr. Farrelly. “This reorganization should make it clear to everyone we work with that we are focused, dedicated and ready with solutions they need and solutions they can depend on.”

Hudson Screening is a key part of the company's future says Mr. Farrelly. “Hudson Screening allows us to focus on new technology that we developed internally for High Efficiency Screening, HES”, Mr. Farrelly commented. HES is a screening solution for those labs looking for a solution to screen fewer samples, yet get big results. The company has information available upon request.

Mr. Farrelly concluded, “We are changing our business model after 30 years. I want us to develop partnerships with companies large and small, foreign and domestic. I feel that this restructuring allows us to be more available to a wider variety of partners and customers. We will be able to manage and grow our businesses in a dedicated fashion with clear goals and objectives. I don’t want what we do to be a secret anymore.”

About Hudson Robotics, Inc.
Located in Springfield, New Jersey, Hudson Robotics, Inc. is an innovative market leader with 30 years experience providing automation solutions to accelerate life sciences research, offering a unique mix of instrumentation, customized software and scientific knowledge. The company provides tools and automation solutions in drug discovery, proteomics and genomics.

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