HuBuCo Announces Publication Of 6-Step Strategy To Reduce Email Bounce Rate

Written by Tamas Szabo, email deliverability expert, the strategy is now available to everyone at

Despite the prevalence of social media and SEO in the world of digital marketing, many companies still rely successfully on traditional email campaigns to reach out to current and potential customers. One challenge of email marketing, however, is failure to reach recipients. Emails bounce back for a number of reasons, many of which are under the sender's control. To help businesses decrease their bounce rates, email delivery expert Tamas Szabo has finally released to the public a 6-step process to reduce email bounce rate at

Szabo explained that there are two kinds of bounces, hard and soft. A hard bounce occurs when an email address doesn't exist, meaning an email message to that address is permanently undeliverable. A soft bounce, on the other hand, is a temporary failure that can be fixed. "Often the reason for a soft bounce," said Szabo, "is that the email looks like spam or the IP address from which email is sent has a bad reputation and has been blocked." Fortunately, there are several things a sender can do to significantly decrease soft bounces.

In the article recently published, Szabo outlines six steps that email marketers can take to increase their email delivery rate. He gives advice about honing the subscriber list, verifying addresses, writing content recipients will want to read, selecting the right IP to send from, authorizing the email sender, and verifying old lists. According to Szabo, the main benefits of eliminating bounced emails are maintaining a good reputation as an email sender and maximizing conversion rates. "Anyone who invests time and effort into a quality email marketing campaign deserves to get results from it," he added.

Describing his approach as "bulletproof," Szabo offers a guarantee to anyone who tries it out. Said Szabo, "People may think it all boils down to email verification, but in reality, verification alone is not enough to reduce bounce rates. Every step that I outline is crucial, and if an emailer follows my plan, I guarantee that he or she will achieve a 99% delivery rate. In fact, if someone follows the steps I recommend and still has a higher than 1% bounce rate, one of our support colleagues will contact that individual and personally investigate why their emails are bouncing and determine how to fix the problem."

The information is free and available to the public at Users of the site are invited to create a free account to try out HuBuCo's services. Users of the site are invited to create a free account to try out HuBuCo's services.

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HuBuCo is an online email verification service that guarantees a 99% delivery rate. Founded by email deliverability expert Tamas Szabo, the London-based company was created to support email marketers by eliminating bounces, improving inbox and open rates, and increasing ROI and sales. The company also offers a VAT verification service to help users that serve European businesses get accurate information in real time. New users can get started for free.

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